Hugh Jackman featured in The Son teaser

After the acclaimed “The Father”, winner of two Oscars, Florian Zeller returns with “The Son”. Hugh Jackman is joined by Laura Dern and Vanessa Kirby.

A family drama that will tackle demons, trauma and mental illness, “The Son” could put Hugh Jackman on the path to the next Oscars ceremony. From Florian Zeller, the same mind behind “The Father“, the new film from Sony Pictures is the second in a trilogy conceived by the French screenwriter.

Opening in theaters only for the second half of November, the film will first make the festival circuit, with premieres already confirmed at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival. However, its first teaser already gives a preview of the film’s history and dynamics.

“The Son” focuses on a family that has a hard time dealing with the past, and that will have to face what happened. Nicholas, a 17-year-old teenager, moves back in with his father Peter two years after Peter’s bitter divorce from his mother, Kate, with whom Nicholas considers it unsafe to live. But Peter, with a remade life with Beth and a new baby, will have to deal with his past, his present and a future yet to be decided when he is offered his dream job in Washington.

Hugh Jackman is Peter, the father of this story, and he is joined by Zen McGrath as Nicholas, the son, Laura Dern as Kate, the ex-wife, and Vanessa Kirby, as his new wife, Beth. Anthony Hopkins also makes an appearance in the film, including being present in this first teaser released by Sony Pictures.


Did you have the opportunity to see “The Father”?

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