In a chat, Baltasar Kormákur talks about the challenges of recording The Beast with Idris Elba

The premise of The beast It’s simple: Idris Elba vs one big lion. But for the director Balthasar Kormákurthe feature is more than that and has a more personal and primordial factor that brought him to work on the project.

In a chat with the site, Kormákur comments that the story of The beast it connects a little bit with his own personal history and what he was going through in recent times.

The beast follows a recently widowed husband (Elba) who returns to South Africa, where he met his wife, on a long-planned trip with their young daughters to a game reserve run by an old family friend and wildlife biologist. Soon, however, a lion starts chasing them.

Production team talks about Lion’s special effects and the recordings of The Beast with Idris Elba

Balthasar Kormákur on the set of The Beast
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Kormákur comments: “I loved the father/son chemistry [do roteiro] and all the family dynamics…. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life with my own divorce and I connected with the story. Afterwards, I told my parents about the project, and my mother brought some lion collages from Africa that I made when I was a kid. So basically, this movie was dormant inside me since I was younger.”

He ends: “The lion is a metaphor that represents the greatest threat you can confront with your family and overcome together. Like Nate, I’ve also dealt with two teenage girls and I understand how vulnerable you can be with them. That was the story I was inclined to tell…”

The director also commented on the importance of The beast set in South Africa and have scenes that were shot there.

He claims: “Yes, that was very important to me. And not only did we record in South Africa, but also in different other regions of a country that is two-thirds smaller in size than the US. (…) We had our offices in Cape Town, but we recorded in Limpopo and also in Northern Cape, near the Namibian border. I couldn’t be there without taking every opportunity I could to capture the greatness of Africa.”

Still on the big lion that we see in the film, the director comments on the importance of pre-production to study the animal and after the composition of the visual effects work for the creation of the figure.

He says: “We did a lot of research with lions, we had a lion with the crew during filming. It helped give us references for things like “how the sun hits the fur” or “how the footprints looked in the sand” and everything in between. And because of the amount of hours it took us – a little unusual in these types of movies – we mapped all the lion’s movements, especially since we normally see him from the perspective of a human being. So we had to be very precise. And of course, the use of visual effects to bring the animal to life was unbelievable. You feel its real presence its weight.”

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The beast playing in cinemas.

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