iPhone 14 may have satellite connectivity, but that depends on agreements

Apple may present a long-awaited novelty with the iPhone 14 line, a satellite communication system for calls and voice messages.

Last year, rumors said that Apple would launch the satellite communication feature with the iPhone 13, a feature was ready, but ended up not being implemented due to lack of commercial partners, that is, operators.


According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has “completed hardware testing for this function.” Thus, the expectation is that the iPhone 14 line will finally be equipped with the satellite link feature.

But like last year, the satellite connectivity feature may not arrive at the iPhone 14 launch event on the 7/9. If it is actually released, it will probably only reach a few countries.

Is that, according to Kuo, Apple still needs to make commercial agreements with operators in the United States and the rest of the world. From there, these companies would include satellite access in their consumer plans, which can take time.

But there are hopes for those hoping to see satellite service coming with the iPhone 14. A more recent rumor has it that the Apple Watch Pro should have satellite connectivity, so it’s quite possible these deals already exist. It is worth remembering that the new model of the company’s wearable will be launched with the iPhone 14 line.

In addition, according to other rumors, Apple may have chosen Globalstar to be its partner in this mission.

Analyst does not guarantee that satellite connectivity will reach the iPhone 14 at launch

In his Medium post, Kuo talked about the possibilities for satellite internet support on the iPhone 14 line. In the text, Kuo recalls that the ability to send texts or make emergency voice calls will be an essential function on smartphones, by “ increased frequency of natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts in recent years”.

In addition, in the post he also says that it is “difficult to accurately predict when the iPhone will offer satellite communication service, but I believe it will happen eventually”. Even if the iPhone 14 doesn’t have satellite internet at launch, it may come with an update. So, it’s only a matter of time before Apple offers this feature to its users.

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