iPhone: Justice forces Apple and Americanas to give charger and headphones

It’s been some time since the apple decided no more charger and headphones in the box iPhone, but the Brazilian Justice became involved in a case related to this. Judge Dalia Zaro Queiroz, from the Special Consumer Court in Salvador (Bahia) ruled last week that the “apple company” and the American stores should provide the charging and sound devices for a consumer who purchased the Apple smartphone.

The iPhone buyer claimed that the lack of charger and headphones configured tie sale (when you can only buy a product if you take another one necessarily), asking for moral and material compensation. According to Queiroz, “it is unreasonable for a cell phone to be sold without the respective charger, as it is necessary to replace the charge for it to be functional”.

In addition to delivering the charger and headphones to the customer in question, the judge ordered the payment of a fine of BRL 5,000.

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What was Apple’s argument?

Apple maintains its original argument that removing the headphones and charger from the iPhone case is a measure to “lessen the climate impact“. Earlier this year, the Municipal Department of Protection and Defense of Consumer Rights (Procon Fortaleza) had already imposed a fine of R$ 10,300 to the company precisely for selling cell phones without the charger.

Some time ago, there were also rumors that Apple would do away with the connector for chargers and headphones in the future, relying only on wireless charging and Bluetooth connection. But here we are talking about speculation

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