Lana is back in Brazil with new participants in season 2 of Playing with Fire

Netflix released today (31) the trailer for the 2nd season of the reality show Brincando Com Fogo Brasil.

Lana is back and we have new participants yes. Check the list below.

Netflix releases list of participants for season 2 of Playing with Fire Brazil

The plot remains the same, in the reality show that brings together men and women with too much beauty and too little responsibility, they are together on a paradise beach, they share the chance to win an even more attractive prize, in what is perhaps the biggest challenge of their lives: half a million reais in the account only if they manage to control their desires.

Who dictates the rules is Lana, a very clear virtual assistant: for each infraction (even a peck), a sum of money is deducted from the total amount. And it’s no use using the arrival of new participants in the middle of the game as an excuse! With physical contact out of the question, will they be able to deepen a relationship?

Playing with Fire Brazil returns on September 28.

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