Map shows the most famous people from each city in the world

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It’s amazing what technology can do, isn’t it? If you are a fan of maps and are very curious, did you know that it is possible to find out what the most famous people from each city? A Finnish geographer named Topi Tjukanov developed a website called Notable People where users will be able to find the most famous individuals in their municipalities through an atlas map. Curious? Check it out below.

How does the website work?

Basically, the site aggregates information from a database that gathers notable people from 3500 BC to 2018. In addition, it works with other data present on the internet, such as Wikipedia and Wikidata. By crossing this information and the average number of views between 2015 and 2018, Tjukanov programmed the platform so that only individuals were shown. with the highest notability rating according to each geographic location.

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In this case, notability is ranked through four questions: 1) total words in Wikipedia bios; 2) number of different editions of Wikipedia for each individual; 3) total number of external Wikidata links; 4) number of complete Wikipedia or Wikidata data by date of birth, gender and area of ​​influence categories.

How to use the site to find the most famous people in the world

When opening the platform, the user will have access to a map dotted with the name of several famous personalities, whether athletes, politicians or artists. In this case, the name of these figures will be replacing the name of each one’s hometown. By clicking on these names, you will be able to see their notability rating, genre and whether they are still alive.

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In case you are interested in knowing the ones that stand out the most, these are the former presidents of the United States, such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump. It is even possible to filter searches by different categories, such as leadership, sport and games, etc.

Now that you know how it works, it’s time to test it out. Access the platform here: Notable People.

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