Procon director warns

Attention, the package world cup sticker costs R$ 4. If someone is charging a higher price, please report it! This is the warning from the director of the Procon-PR, Claudia Silvano.


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In a video posted on social media, Silvano reports that establishments are charging up to R$6 for the package. “The price is in the sticker pack, R$ 4. Some merchants have sold at R$ 5.20 and even R$ 6 and that cannot be done, because the price that counts is what is expressed on the envelope. It seems that the consumer has no peace even in moments of fun”, warned the director.

She also reinforces that the consumer who is injured must seek the Procon-PR to file the complaint.

sales success

exclusive representative of Publisher Panini in Curitiba, Metropolitan and Coastal RegionSmolka Distribuidora plans to earn BRL 60 million from the sale of Qatar-2022 World Cup figurines.

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In addition to the 200 points of sale on the street, which include newsstands, markets, haberdashery and other small retail stores, the distributor inaugurated six strategic spaces for selling and exchanging figurines in Curitiba, in Barigui, Jockey Plaza, Palladium and Ventura mallsas well as in market and not Madalosso Restaurant, in Santa Felicidade. The largest store is at Shopping Ventura, in the Portão neighborhood, with 110 square meters.

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