Procon-SP notifies operators to give more details about 5G

Need to replace chip to work 5G? Can any enabled device connect to the new networks? These and other questions were asked by Fundação Procon-SP (Foundation for Consumer Protection and Defense) to operators Oi Móvel, TIM, Vivo and Claro about the new mobile technology, which has been enabled in several capitals.

According to the entity, operators were notified this Tuesday (30) to provide further clarification on 5G, and that companies have up to 6 days to respond to questions.

5G, as the name suggests, is the fifth generation of mobile technology. With it, it is possible to reach speeds in the range of gigabits per second (capable of downloading movies in seconds) and communication with low latency (response time between the command and its execution is in the milliseconds, which can be useful for online games, for example).

In general, Procon-SP requests that operators give more details to consumers. Specifically, the points to be clarified requested by the consumer protection agency are:

  • whether there is a need for chip replacement;
  • if there is a need to change the cell phone to use the service;
  • the amounts that will be charged with the exchange of technology;
  • how the adequacy of the current plans will be;
  • the main differences between 5G, 4G and 3G;
  • what is the quality, efficiency and safety of the service;
  • what is the coverage area;
  • what is the speed, latency period and warranty of the service.

Companies also need to answer whether the consumer will maintain their connectivity and access to services on a different frequency if they have 5G service unavailability due to user location or for any other reason.

tilt contacted the main operators so that they could comment on the case. The three main ones — TIM, Claro and Vivo — sent communications. It is worth remembering that Oi Móvel, mentioned by Procon, was sold to TIM, Claro and Vivo.

“TIM informs that it has received the notification from Procon SP and that it will provide all the information requested by the agency. The operator emphasizes that it widely discloses information about the use of the 5G network, as well as smartphones compatible with the technology.

For more information about the fifth generation network, TIM continues, customers can access the operator’s website or contact the Customer Relationship Center by dialing *144 from their cell phone or 1056 from any telephone.

Vivo stated that the operator “maintains a page dedicated to 5G with the locations where the technology is already available”.

In addition, step-by-step instructions for using fifth-generation technology and which devices are compatible are available on the website, which also has questions and answers frequently asked by consumers. The company will respond to Procon-SP within the period stipulated by the body”.

In a statement, Claro stated that it has a portal talking about 5G technology. There you can find “guidelines, compatible devices, coverage area and a frequently asked questions and answers section on the subject”.

The operator also comments that “it guides its performance in the good relationship with the customers and that it will answer the questions of Procon-SP”.

5G is being activated in capitals since July

Since July, capitals across Brazil have activated 5G after the release of Anatel.

So far, 12 cities have the new generation of mobile internet, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Brasília, João Pessoa, among others. The level of coverage in these locations varies from carrier to carrier.

In general, those who have a compatible 5G device can use the new networks without the need to change the chip. At first, there should be no additional charge for using the new connection.

Gradually, some operators have offered updated plans for the new technology. Claro, for example, has been offering unlimited TikTok and higher data allowances on its 5G plans.

TIM, for now, has a booster – an additional fee for postpaid customers, which entitles them to more data and unlimited access to the Twitch platform.

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