Rafael Ramos, from Corinthians, becomes defendant for alleged racial slur against Edenilson, from Inter | Brazilian series a

Right-back Rafael Ramos, from Corinthians, became a defendant in a criminal case due to the alleged racial injury committed against Edenilson, from Internacional, in a game between the clubs on May 14.

According to the Colorado steering wheel, Rafael Ramos called him a monkey. The right-back denies the allegation (recall the case below).

The complaint filed by the Public Ministry against the player was received on Tuesday by Judge Marco Aurélio Martins Xavier, of the 14th Criminal Court and Court of the Fan and Major Events of the Central Forum of the District of Porto Alegre.

– The fact contained in the indictment was broadcast in images, even captured on national television: although subject to percussive examination, in the evidentiary phase, they allow the conclusion of the substantial occurrence of the fact and of the indications of criminal responsibility, attributed in the complaint. Indeed, the accusatory claim is fully viable – claimed the judge, who also stated that “the conciliatory avenues have been exhausted.”

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Edenilson, from Inter, says he suffered racial abuse from Rafael Ramos, from Corinthians – Photo: Silvio Avila/Getty Images

In June, the Civil Police had indicted Rafael Ramos, even after the report from the General Institute of Forensics (IGP) of Rio Grande do Sul concluded that it was not possible to identify what the player said after analyzing images of the match.

On May 14, during the 2-2 draw between Inter and Corinthians, Edenilson accused the Timão player of calling him a “monkey” in a ball dispute on the sideline. After the game, Rafael Ramos was arrested in the act by the police for racial slur and released after posting bail of R$10,000.

One side of 40 pages was sent by the General Institute of Forensics (IGP) of Rio Grande do Sul to the 2nd Police Station of Porto Alegre, responsible for the case.

According to a note released by the IGP, a video of the bid in question was analyzed by the experts, but it was not possible to identify what Rafael Ramos said, since most of the gestures that make up his speech occur in the “internal portion of the oral cavity “.

The result of the expertise irritated Edenilson. On the same day of disclosure, the Colorado captain changed the name on his Instagram account to “Macaco”, deleted the posts on his profile and vented.

– Wouldn’t they shut us up? We’ve been silenced. If offended, accept, swallow dry. Pretend you didn’t hear it, it’s an unfair fight, it’s an inconclusive fight – she published.

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The case is also being investigated in the sports sphere and would be judged by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) last Tuesday, but the hearing was postponed to next week.

On different dates, Edenilson and Rafael Ramos gave statements at the STJD and maintained the versions previously presented.

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