Sons smash father’s car windows after millionaire prize

British police recently revealed something that happened a few years ago, as reported by the website AutoEvolution. In 2012, twelve bus drivers won the lottery after purchasing a group ticket. The prize was 38 million pounds – around R$223 million at the current price. Thus, each of them received around 3.1 million pounds (R$ 18.2 million).

And that’s when the confusion began in the family of one of the drivers. After failing to fulfill a promise to take his 78-year-old mother to Australia to visit her twin brother Alex Robertson bought two new Mitsubishi Shogun 4×4 – our Mitsubishi Pajero.

However, his two sons – Alex Robertson Jr. and William Robertson – did not like not being awarded a share of the winnings. Alex, 45, told reporters that his father only gave him 200 cigarettes – that is, a 10-pack.

So the brothers decided to take revenge. They smashed the glass of her father’s two Mitsubishis with hammers. They admitted what they did to the police next, according to the publication The Sun – which reported this recently, it is not known why. In 2013, the father reportedly gave up leaving his home in Spain to testify in a trial against his children in another harassment case.

So Alex Jr won the judgment against his father, but said the lottery ended his family.

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