Students report errors in the entrance exam result, and Uneb takes notes from the air

Since the University of the State of Bahia (Uneb) released, on Monday afternoon (29), the result of the selection of the entrance exam for the second semester of this year, students received their placements with surprise. The doubts only increased the next day, when the candidates flooded social networks, especially Twitter, with complaints and prints. They claim that people who scored lower ranked higher in the result, while those who got more questions right on the test rank lower.

To increase the dissatisfaction of the entrance exam candidates, many of them told the report that they contacted the university and Instituto Avalia, which organized and evaluated the test, but both did not provide precise information.

According to them, the institute even sent e-mails informing them that there was no error, which increased the anxiety of students like Ana Cecília Vieira, 17 years old. A resident of Juazeiro, she says that she dedicated herself to her studies to take the Uneb entrance exam for the first time.

Ana’s shock came when she compared her position, in the 2,266th position, with that of a colleague who was in 22nd place. The suspicion that something was wrong is because her friend, and competitor in the test, had lower grades than Ana in the essay and in all subjects, with the exception of Portuguese. While the 17-year-old student got a 9 in the essay, her colleague scored 7.5. Even with lower grades, the friend got a score of 25,071, and Ana with 11,320.

“I was very scared of my placement. Then I started seeing complaints from my friends and other people on social media. That’s when I realized that there was an error in the Uneb and Instituto Avalia system”, says Ana Cecília. She and her colleague took the entrance exam for Medicine in Salvador, as a wide competition. In total, 16 places were made available for the course.

It is possible to notice that even with better scores, Ana (left) performed much lower than her colleague (right) (Photo: Reproduction)

The MAIL sought positions from Uneb and the institute responsible for the evaluation of the test throughout the afternoon of Tuesday (30), but did not get a response. As of 4:00 pm, college students reported that they were no longer able to access the Instituto Avalia link where the marks and placements of the entrance exams appeared. Some told the report that the Instituto Avalia informed one of them that “appropriate measures” will be taken by tomorrow (31).

Like Ana Cecília, several other students who tried to place in the entrance exam were disappointed with the result of the test and with the problems regarding grades and classifications. Amanda Bastos, 24, tried for the second time to pass Medicine at Uneb. Despite having got 69 out of 85 questions right and having a 9.5 in the essay, she was in 4,953rd place in the broad competition.

“It’s really frustrating, I’ve been studying for a long time and managed to get more than 80% right on the test. I was hopeful that, if I didn’t pass, I would at least have a good place to know that I was getting close to my goal,” says Amanda.

“When I looked at the result, I had an anxiety crisis, I cried and I couldn’t sleep properly”, he adds.

Complaints are not restricted to those who are part of the broad competition. Alice Maria Braga, 20, competes in the category of black and brown candidates who studied in public schools and also realized her mistake. “I was very sad to see the prints and with a strong feeling of revolt. I don’t know if it would be approved, but I want justice to be done and the process to be more transparent”, says the entrance exam student from Feira de Santana who is applying for a position in Medicine in the capital.

A print that circulates on social networks would indicate that the entrance exam student who came in 4th place in the same modality as Alice would have had a score of 28.4375 even though he had scored 4.25 in the newsroom, which is worth 10. Students who have tried other courses, such as Law, also report discrepancies between correct answers and scores in the result. The university has made 860 places available.

Students who took the Uneb entrance exam also criticize the fact that the university was not responsible for organizing and evaluating the tests. “One week before the entrance exam, we discovered that the responsible bank would not be Uneb itself, although such information was in the public notice. We were completely lost and in search of other tests carried out by the bank”, says Rafaela Silva, 21 years old. Instituto Avalia is headquartered in Maringá, Paraná.

*With guidance from Monique Lôbo.

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