Thai influencer hits followers and disappears

suchata Kongsupachak, a 30-year-old Thai youtuber known as Nutty, disappeared from the country after being accused of stealing R$285 million from his followers. The information is from the newspaper. nation Thailand.

According to the portal, an arrest warrant was issued for the youtuber yesterday, but she has already left the country before.

The scam, as reported by Nation Thailand, consisted of Nutty promising an investment value to his followers. Anyone who invested in one of her company on the foreign exchange market would receive a good amount of money back.

According to the newspaper, the number of victims of Nitty reaches 6,000.

“She used to post pictures on social media showing her wealth with luxury cars, watches, bags and property, while claiming that she had obtained them from investments in a brokerage,” the head of the investigation, Watthana Ketumpai, told the newspaper. It guaranteed returns of 100% of the invested amount.

“Investments could be made in cash or through a trust agreement,” said the investigator.

Later investigations found that the YouTuber’s company was still allegedly linked to another fraud case in Singapore, in which a Thai woman and her Singaporean husband were accused of defrauding customers with luxury watches and branded goods.

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