The best movies coming in September

Netflix has released its vast list of news scheduled for September. However, in the midst of so many titles, it is difficult for the subscriber to choose exactly what to watch. Mainly in the movies. After all, the service has been investing, both in original titles and in productions from other studios.

In fact, this is clear when we see the list of movies that arrive in the Netflix catalog in September. The service knew how to divide well, between bets from its own studios and features from third parties. In the originals, for example, the novel Amor em Verona stands out.

The film must certainly circulate in the TOP 10 of the service. In recent months, we have seen several titles of this genre among the most watched and certainly, this one will have the same result. Real stories also gain space. This is the case of Blonde, a film that tells the story of Marilyn Monroe and stars Ana de Armas.

For those who like comedy, especially national ones, we have Neighbors. Leandro Hassum’s film should repeat the success of the actor’s previous features. Finally, we highlight The Invisible Man. Starring Elisabeth Moss, the thriller is one of the excellent films that arrive on Netflix in September.

Netflix’s Top 10: The Best Movies of September

Check out the movies and next, their respective release dates on Netflix

Love in Verona – 01/09

Love in Verona is the new Netflix novel. The genre that has been very successful among subscribers will have another original feature from the 1st. In it, a young woman ends a relationship and her moves to Verona. But, she discovers that the house she booked was also rented by someone else. So she will have to spend the holidays with a skeptical but very attractive Brit.

Neighbors – 09/01

Fans of Leandro Hassum will have another movie by the comedian to watch on Netflix in September. In this, the actor plays Walter, a very stressed guy who ends up collapsing. On medical advice, he abandons urban life and seeks peace in a small town, surrounded by peace and nature.

However, the plans for relaxation go awry because of a very excited neighbor, Toninho da Vila, who rehearses with his samba school in Walter’s ear.

Iron Hearts – 01/09

It is quite true that, Ironhearts has been and returned several times from the catalog. However, it is worth mentioning for being an exciting war movie starring Brad Pitt. The film takes place during the end of World War II, where a group of five American soldiers is tasked with attacking the Nazis, in Germany itself.

Despite being outnumbered and short on weapons, they are led by the enraged Wardaddy, a sergeant who intends to lead them to victory. At the same time, he teaches the rookie Norman how to fight.

Iron Hearts is one of Netflix's September movies
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Suffocating Passion – 09/09

Suffocating Passion is a film that mixes suspense and romance and will be available on Netflix in September. Its plot revolves around Roxana, who has a love at first sight when she meets Pascal Gauthier, a freediving champion.

The two quickly begin to live an intense romance, and Pascal begins to teach what he knows about the sport. Gradually, their lives boil down to sport and romance. But can’t things get too suffocating? Smothering Passion is based on a true story.

Broad Peak – 09/14

For those who enjoy movies based on a true story, in addition to Suffocating Passion, we also have Broad Peak. However, the film is inspired by the true story of Maciej Berbeka. This is the legendary Polish mountaineer member of the Ice Warriors group.

The group tried to reach the summit of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world and failed. Now, he returns to the challenge.

The Invisible Man – 9/14

Certainly, one of the good movies that hits the Netflix catalog in September is The Invisible Man. Starring Elizabeth Moss, the film begins when Cecilia’s abusive ex takes his own life. However, he leaves his fortune to her and raises the suspicion that his death was also a hoax.

As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove she’s being hunted by someone no one can see.

Zombieland: Double Tap – 9/15

In the sequel to Zombieland, we see Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock, years after the zombie epidemic. Survivors look for new places to inhabit and live. But when they decide to go to the White House, they end up meeting other survivors and discovering new directions not yet explored.

Netflix movies in September
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Punishers – 09/16

The teen comedy The Punishers is another standout among the movies coming to Netflix in September. With Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke, the film takes place after a scuffle at a tennis camp. The moment makes the popular Drea and the weird Eleanor join forces to get revenge on their attackers.

The Perfumer – 09/21

Among the premieres, a Netflix original thriller could not be missing. In The Perfumer, a detective determined to regain her sense of smell and her boyfriend cross paths with a perfumer. But, this one uses lethal methods in search of the perfect blackberry.

The consequences of this encounter will be dire.

Blonde – 09/28

Starring Ana de Armas and based on the bestseller by Joyce Carol, Blonde is one of the best movies on Netflix in September. The film reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s greatest icons, Marilyn Monroe.

From a volatile childhood as Norma Jeane to fame and relationships, “Blonde” blends reality and fiction, exploring the widening divide between the public and private sides of the actress.

So which of these movies will you be watching on Netflix in September?

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