‘The Idea of ​​You’ – A gripping novel that will impact the Planet

Nearing 40, with a messy divorce and a teenage daughter, Los Angeles art gallery owner Solène Marchand finds love in one of her daughter’s favorite band members, even though he’s 19 years younger than her. her, despite not expecting such an attraction.

Young musician Hayes Campbell is smart, award winning, confident and elegantsomething that even not expected, it would be inevitable not to feel attracted to him, and it will be, because Solène will not be able to give in to these aggregate temptations in this relationship of secrets, desires and intrinsic involvement that will mess with the fantasies more fascinating in front of this unexpected and ingratiating passionin the novel of Robinne Lee, The Idea of ​​You.


The plot begins with a series of secret meetingswhich involves a genuine passion to the relationship, but not to develop Solene and Hayes navigate in different worlds, ranging from stadium tours to international art fairs and secluded retreats in Paris and Miami. Solene feels tempted in find and rediscover lovein a novel that ends up becoming a viral sensation, in which she and her daughter become the target of nasty comments from fans and the media, which starts to get on her and her intimate relationship with your new affair. Now, Solene will have to weigh how this relationship affected her from those that matter most to her.


the book that originally written in fan fic form by actress and author Robinne Leewas based on real situations, inspired by the musician Harry Styleswhen he was still in One Direction, the band of which his daughter is a fan. Launched in 2017It is captivating and inviting to enter this journey of full excitement and energy of one distinct relationshipbut immensely deep.

And to give more encouragement to this work, the Prime Video announced an adaptation of Robinne’s novel. with direction of Michael Showalter (The Eyes of Tammy Faye) and Jennifer Westfeldt in the script and as executive producer, will have Anne Hathaway in the leading role of this film, who is also one of the producers of the film, along with the author.


Anne will play Sophie, a 40-year-old mother, divorced and exchanged for a younger woman by her ex-husband. But despite her uncontrollable anxiety, she wants to keep her sanity and appearance, so as not to affect her 15-year-old daughter. With that, they travel to Coachella to enjoy the music festival in which the girl’s favorite band will perform. What Sophie didn’t expect was to meet Hayes Campbell, singer, one of the sexiest men in the world and member of the boy band, August Moon, for whom she will get involved and deliver in a intense and visceral passion.

At footage must start in October 2022but still there is no release date on the streaming platform.

per Patricia Visconti

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