The player that Miguel Trauco taught him to play and today entered Premier League history

Players were South American runners-up in 2017
Players were South American runners-up in 2017

England’s West Hamofficially announced this Monday (29) the signing of the midfielder Lucas Paquetáwho defended the Lyon, from France. The transaction was closed at 60 million euros, more than R$300 million, and Flamengo is entitled to a portion. For having participated in the formation of Paquetá, Flamengo will be entitled to 3.78% of the total value of the transfer, because of the solidarity mechanism of the FIFA.

In other words, Rubro-Negro’s coffers will have an injection of around BRL 11 million with the transfer of the 24-year-old player, who defended the Rio de Janeiro club between 2007 and 2019, when he was sold to Milan, from Italy. In addition to the money from the transfer of Lucas Paquetá, Flamengo also planned to receive even more with the possible sale of the young man. Lazarus to the London team.

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Trauco and Paquetá played together at Flamengo

West Ham offered 5 million pounds for Lázaro (about R$29.4 million), but Fla refused. The expectation was to receive at least twice as much with the 20-year-old player. The British, however, showed no further interest and the conversation ended without a happy ending for Flamengo. Despite this, Lázaro remains on the radar of the Celta de Vigofrom Spain, and an exit may still occur in the coming days.

A Peruvian Master for Lucas Paquetá

A player who followed the emergence of Lucas Paquetá in Mengão was Miguel Trauco. The Peruvian left-back defended the red-black carioca between 2017 and 2019, and played together with the cria do Ninho. Together, the two were champions of the Carioca Championship 2017, in addition to the Guanabara Cup. They trained together in Gávea, and Trauco was very friendly with the young man during his time at Flamengo.

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