‘The rivalry between Atltico and Cruzeiro is over’, says journalist

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Rver (left), from Atltico, and Edu (right), from Cruzeiro, in the final of this year’s Campeonato Mineiro, in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte

Representative of the Atlantic Alterosa Sport this Tuesday (30), Fael Lima said there is no more rivalry between Galo and Cruzeiro. The journalist said that, with the fall of Raposa’s second national division, the black-and-white club became the only team in Brazil not to have a major state opponent.

“Guys, the rivalry between Atltico and Cruzeiro ended. In recent years, it was like a URT, a Villa Nova. The State Championship was over, each one went to their division. Why has the rivalry between Galo and Flamengo been so fierce in recent years Again? Because Atltico is looking for an opponent. It has created decisive clashes with Flamengo, Palmeiras… Galo is the only team in Brazil that doesn’t have a state rivalry,” said Fael.

Ironically, Samuel Aleixo, from Cruzeiro do Alterosa Sport, agreed with the athletican. The celestial representative stated that the reason there is no rivalry in Minas Gerais is because the Fox is superior in greatness in relation to Galo and America.

“Really, rivalry in Minas Gerais doesn’t exist. When you have a team (Cruzeiro) from the same state that has twice as many titles as the second (Atltico). has rivalry even in the. I’m with you”, said Samuel.


Indignantly, Otvio di Toledo, the American on the bench, also countered the Atletico: “He really has no rival here, no. He had a great victory on Sunday. It was fantastic. Oh, stop it. Stop. Respect the other teams. Respect others,” he said.

America and Atltico drew 1-1 this Sunday (28), at Independencia, for the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship. Coelho could have been victorious again if it wasn’t for the penalty missed by striker Henrique Almeida, in which Everson saved. Before the charge, Galo had already opened the scoring with Hulk, and the alviverde team had drawn with Henrique Almeida himself.

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