Today in History – August 31 – Death of Princess Diana and impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

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By: Lennon Haas | FM acoustics
Published: 08/31/2022 at 10:21 am

1056 – After a sudden illness a few days earlier, the Byzantine Empress Theodora dies childless. She was co-empress from 1042 from 11 January 1055 to 31 August 1056 actively ruled the Byzantine Empire. She was the last monarch of the Macedonian dynasty who reigned for nearly two hundred years.

1897 – Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope, the first film projector. It had an individual viewer through which it was possible to watch, by inserting a coin, the exhibition of a small strip of film in Looping, in which moving images of comic numbers, trained animals and dancers appeared.

Films played on the kinetoscope (kinetoscope) were produced by the kinetoscope (kinetoscope), another invention patented by Thomas Edison.

Although these inventions remain Edison’s name, they were actually produced by William KL Dickson and a team of technicians charged by Edison with creating machines that produced and displayed moving photographs.

1997 – Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul die in a car accident in Paris. In the early hours of August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a hospital in Paris, France, after being injured in a car accident in a road tunnel in the same city. Her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and Mercedes-Benz W140 driver Henri Paul were pronounced dead at the scene. Her bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, survived with serious injuries.

Some media outlets claimed that the erratic behavior of the paparazzi following the car, as reported by the BBC, contributed to the accident. In 1999, a French investigation found that Paul, who lost control of the vehicle at high speed while intoxicated by alcohol and under the effects of prescription drugs, was solely responsible for the accident.

2016 – After processing her impeachment process, Dilma Rousseff is definitively removed from the presidency of Brazil. The process began with the acceptance, on December 2, 2015, by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, of a criminal liability complaint filed on October 15, 2015 by the retired prosecutor Hélio Bicudo and the lawyers Miguel Reale Júnior and Janaina Paschoal, and ended on August 31, 2016, resulting in the impeachment of Dilma. Thus, Dilma Rousseff became the fourth person to hold the position of President of the Republic to be impeached in Brazil, after Fernando Collor, Café Filho and Carlos Luz.


Day of Saint Raimundo Nonato

Nutritionist’s Day

International Blogging Day


Richard Gere – 73 years old – American actor known for his film roles. He had one of his main roles in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, where he played opposite Julia Roberts.

He converted to Buddhism, became a vegetarian and is linked to causes related to peace, human rights and animal rights around the world.

Regiane Alves – 44 years old – She is a Brazilian actress. She debuted on television as the protagonist Clara de Fascinação (1998), standing out throughout her career for her antagonists, such as Lili de Meu Pé de Laranja Lima (1998), Clara de Laços de Família (2000), Dóris de Mulheres Apaixonadas ( 2003), Alice from Páginas da Vida (2006) and Mariacarla from O Tempo Não Para (2018)

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