UCI Cinemas presents the news for the post-holiday rentrée

UCI Cinemas presents the news for the post-holiday rentrée – UCI Cinemas

  • UCI Cinemas, the European leader in cinema exhibitions of the ODEON group, presents in September a diversified poster with all kinds of films, which you cannot miss.

For this return to theaters, after the summer vacation, the UCI Cinemas improved the cinematographic selection, to provide its viewers with a varied experience, marked by unique and sensational premieres of all genres and alternative content.

To start the month promoting family unity, on September 1st the movie will be shown “The beast”telling the story of a doctor who travels with his two daughters to a reservation in South Africa and who end up fighting for their survival, while being chased by a lion.

Also on the first day of the month, it will premiere “The Wild Girl”, the mystery drama based on the book “There Where the Wind Cries”, by Delia Owens, and which features Daisy-Edgar-Jones (Kya) as the main character. The film portrays the life of a girl abandoned during her childhood and marginalized by the North Carolina community, being known as the “Swamp Girl”. As the story unfolds, the mysteries of the swamp are revealed.

“Digimon Adventure: The Last Kizuna Evolution (2020)”day arrives september 8 to movie theaters promising adventure, fantasy and action. After Matt and his friends realize that their relationship with their respective Digimon is threatened, the Japanese film explores the bond that unites these friends…

In day september 15thromantic comedy debut “Ticket to Paradise”, a film with Julia Roberts and George Clooney as protagonists of the plot. After learning that their daughter Lily is getting married in Bali, the two divorced parents travel to the paradise destination, with the purpose of sabotaging their daughter’s marriage.

still in the day september 15thwill be on display “The Photographer of Minamata (2020)”bringing drama and history to the halls of UCI Cinemas. Depicting the aftermath of World War II, the film tells the story of W. Eugene Smith, embodied by Johnny Deep, who rose to fame photographing the front lines of the war, and who is contacted years later to document a product-related scandal. chemists in Minamata, Japan.

In day September 22a UCI Cinemas it presents “Remains of the Wind”a Portuguese drama that recounts a pagan tradition in a village in the interior of Portugal, leaving painful injuries to a group of young people and persecuting them 25 years later.

On the same day there is another premiere, the drama “Do not worry dear”, depicting an experimental city built in 1950 for those working on the Vitória Project and their families. The life that Alice and Jack, Shelley and Frank and the other couples lead is perfect, until it isn’t… The film exposes the cracks that exist in this city and, consequently, in their lives…
Closing the poster UCI Cinemas presents three premieres on the day September 29: a horror movie and two dramas.

The film “Smile” promises to terrify viewers with the frightening and inexplicable moments in Dr. Rose Cotter. As terror grips Rose, she is forced to face the past in order to survive in the present.

“Nothing Happened (2021)”the Portuguese drama that recounts the daily dramas of Pedro, Maria and Paulo, represented by Miguel Amorim, Alba Batista and Bernardo Pedro Faria, and which describes the adventures that call into question Pedro’s loyalty to his two friends.

In addition to “Nothing Happened (2021)” will be displayed “1618 (2021)”a historical drama that portrays the Visitor Sebastião Noronha in his persecution of the Jews, in Porto, while the merchant António Álvares tries to protect his family and the community.

For lovers of alternative content, the day september 14 is reserved for “Modigliani – The Cursed Painter”, portraying the artistic life of the Italian Amadeo Modigliani, a great icon of world art. Bringing authenticity directly to the halls of UCI Cinemas, “Madame Butterfly”directed/directed by Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier will be on display at September 27thpromising opera and art in the mix and on the day September 28 documentary will be available “Tutankhamun – The Last Exhibition”offering viewers the opportunity to get to know the Pharaoh and some of his treasures, many of them revealed through the photographic work of Sandro Vannini, one of the most prolific photographers of Tutankhamun’s treasures.

For more information about the UCI commitment “We are safer cinema” visit the website: ucicinemas.pt/cinemaseguro

About UCI Cinemas
UCI Cinemas is part of the Odeon Cinemas Group (OCG), Europe’s first cinema exhibitor, with over 115 million spectators per year and 360 cinemas across Europe. OCG belongs to AMC Theatres, based in the USA, ranking 1st in the market worldwide. UCI is present in Portugal with 3 cinemas: El Corte Inglés, UBBO (Lisbon) and Arrabida 20 (Porto).


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