Which ‘cheap’ 5G smartphone to buy? g1 tests models up to R$2,500 | Shopping Guide

The good news is that affordable, 5G-compatible smartphones are now available in online stores, with advanced configurations and ready for the newly launched technology in some Brazilian capitals.

O Shopping Guide tested three 5G cell phones launched in 2022 in the Brazilian market, with prices in the range of BRL 2,500 – the cheapest available at online retailers in August.

  • Infinix Zero 5G
  • Motorola Moto G82 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

Were evaluated performance, cameras and battery lifeBesides the speed on 5G networks installed in São Paulo. In conclusion, design and value for money were also considered (read more about how the tests were done at the end of the report).

What smartphones have in common besides 5G:

  • 128GB internal storage
  • Fast charging (between 25W and 33W) with charger and cable in the box
  • 5000 mAH battery capacity
  • Large screens (between 6.6 and 6.7 inches) with high refresh rates (120 Hz)

See how each of them fared in testing.

Infinix Zero 5G — Photo: g1

O Infinix Zero 5Gfrom the Chinese brand launched in Brazil by Positivo Tecnologia, cost around R$2,250 in August.

And the only device that runs Android 11 on the list – the others already come with the newest Android 12 system installed by default. But it has excellent performance and a good camera.

🛒 Where to buy the product:

  • Check it out on the Americans website
  • Check the Casas Bahia website

In the performance tests (see how it is at the end of the report), the Infinix Zero 5G shares top speed with Samsung Galaxy M53, both with the best results.

In the graphic evaluation – which measures how the smartphone behaves with games and videos -, the Infinix cell phone was in second place, behind the Samsung cell phone.

On 5G, the Infinix Zero 5G reached 592 Mbps (megabits per second, represents 1 million bits per second) download speeds, slightly below competitors.

On upload (speed of sending data to the internet), it hit 98 Mbps.

Common dual rear sensora 48 megapixel main lens and a 2x zoom (at 13 megapixels), the Infinix Zero 5G takes good quality photos that tend to get a little “washed out” (with overexposure to light).

Photos could come out with better color correction, including those taken at night. Here the difference was bigger – contestants took pictures in the dark that were brighter in comparison.

The 16-megapixel selfies are good, but they also echo the slightly whitish effect of the main camera. The device still takes pictures with portrait mode, which leaves the background blurred – a common feature of smartphone cameras.

Infinix Note 5G battery held up 1:40 pm in tests, which indicates a good duration away from the outlet during the day. And it’s the second best battery among the evaluated devices, behind only the Moto G82.

This number, however, does not mean that, after almost 14 hours away from the charger, the smartphone will completely discharge. But it gives a general idea of ​​how long the battery can last.

Moto G82 — Photo: g1

O Moto G82 5Gfrom Motorola, is the device with the better battery life among the three models evaluated, but the worst performance in the comparison. It cost R$ 2,400 in internet stores in August.

🛒 Where to buy the product:

Of the three smartphones, the Moto G82 was in last place on the list – this is because the model has only 6 GB of RAM, against 8 GB of competitors Infinix and Samsung.

The more RAM memory, the better the smartphone’s performance. Not to be confused with the device’s internal storage, which stores the phone’s operating system, applications and data.

In the graphics tests, the Moto G82 was also in the last position, with a score 50% lower than the competitors – which means that it is not very suitable for gaming.

We already tests with 5G, the Moto G82 reached the speed of 719 Mbps in the download and 99 Mbps in the upload. It was a little faster than the competitors.

The Moto G82 has a triple camera, which has a 50 megapixel sensor, an 8 mp wide angle – which takes pictures of wider scenes – and a 2 mp macro.

The main camera is good, with well lit photos both day and night. The macro camera is more of a diversion to see details up close, but it’s not what makes someone buy a smartphone in this price range. And the 16-megapixel selfies also bring a good result.

The Moto G82’s battery is the champion among the three models, hitting 17 hours of use – which should give up to two days away from the socket – almost four hours more than the Samsung Galaxy M53.

It is worth noting that the three smartphones have the same battery capacity (5,000 mAH) and Motorola’s result is due to energy consumption adjustments made by the manufacturer in the smartphone’s operating system.

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G — Photo: g1

O Samsung Galaxy M53 5G it has the best camera of the three models, but the worst battery life in comparison.

The product was available in online stores for R$2,300 in August.

🛒 Where to buy the product:

In performance tests, the Galaxy M53 tied with the Infinix smartphone for first place. In the graphic evaluation, it was the best on the list, being the best suited to play.

In the use of 5G, its performance was very similar to the Moto G82, but a little lower, with 660 Mbps of download speed and 109 Mbps of upload – the fastest among the three phones.

With a 108 megapixel camera on the main sensor, an 8 mp camera for wide-angle shots and a 2 mp camera for macro detail, the Galaxy M53 generated the best images of the three handsets, both day and night. The image quality is very good, with a lot of sharpness in the photos.

The 32-megapixel selfies were also the best among the three cameras – and the highest resolution among smartphones.

The Galaxy M53 5G battery lasted 13 hours in testing. Despite being the last on the list, the result obtained by the Samsung smartphone was very close to that of the Infinix Zero 5G, with 13:40.

WHAT ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS? The three devices are in the same price range and have very similar technical configurations, with very similar performance.

despite being cheapest 5G handsetsthe screens come with features of top of the line cell phonewith a refresh rate of 120Hz, better for videos and games, but which consumes more battery (two to three hours less estimated runtime with this feature enabled).

It is worth noting that these smartphones come with more efficient and better performing processors, manufactured in 6 nanometer processes. For comparison, more expensive phones released in 2022 already use even more advanced 4nm chips.

The Samsung Galaxy M53 has the best camera and performance and the Moto G82 the longest battery life.

Both are also worth mentioning for come with Android 12 and software update forecast by manufacturers.

The Infinix model should run on Android 11, with no update provided by the manufacturer to a new version of the operating system. According to the company, only security features and customization of the device are updated.

SIMILAR DESIGN: In addition to the specifications, the three devices are very similar in design too, with a plastic finish and a “lump” on the rear in the camera area.

How the tests were done

O g1 selected smartphones launched in 2022 with 5G connectivity and an average price of BRL 2,500 in online stores. The products were given on a trial basis and will be returned.

For the performance tests, two applications were used: PC Mark and 3D Mark, from UL Laboratories. They simulate everyday smartphone tasks such as image processing, text editing, battery life and web browsing, among others.

These tests run on various platforms – such as Android, iOS, Windows and macOS – and allow you to compare performance between them, creating a standard for this comparison.

For battery tests, smartphone screens were calibrated to 70% brightness, in order to run PC Mark. This is not always possible, as not all devices allow this fine adjustment.

The battery was charged to 100% and the test ran for hours until it reached the end of the charge. When it reaches 20% or less of charge, the test is interrupted and shows how much battery life that smartphone can have, in hours/minutes.

The result is an estimate of how long that battery can last away from the outlet. In practice, the real-life number can be different, as we don’t use the phone intensively all the time.

For the camera tests, photos were taken indoors and on the street (when possible), with various lighting changes in similar settings in order to compare the images.

The 5G tests were carried out using a line from the operator Vivo, in the neighborhood of Brooklin and on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo. Ookla’s SpeedTest app was used to measure download and upload speeds.

ATTENTION FOR 5G: Test results with 5G depend on several factors, such as signal quality, distance from the 5G antenna, whether 5G is “pure” (so-called standalone) or shared with the 4G network (“non-standalone”) and even using cell phone indoors or outdoors.

According to Hélio Oyama, product director at Qualcomm – which manufactures the Moto G82 chip – the modem (which transmits and receives data on the cell phone) of a more expensive device may be compatible with more network frequencies (the fastest) than a cheaper smartphone modem.

In this way, it is possible to find higher speeds on more expensive devices with 5G. This was not the case in this test.

“It’s good to remember that the speed can also vary a lot in relation to the condition of the network at that moment, if there are a lot of people connected at the same time, for example”, completes Samir Vani, manager of MediaTek in Brazil – responsible for the chip present in the Infinix Zero 5G and on the Samsung Galaxy M53.

This report was produced with complete editorial independence by our team of specialized journalists and collaborators. If the reader chooses to purchase a product from the links provided, Globo may earn revenue through commercial partnerships. We clarify that Globo does not have any control or responsibility over the eventual purchase experience, even if from the available links. Questions or complaints regarding the purchased product and/or the purchase, payment and delivery process must be directed directly to the responsible retailer.

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