Woman receives R$ 54 million in cryptocurrency by mistake and buys mansion

An Australian woman accidentally received $10,474,143 from a cryptocurrency exchange, used all the money to buy a mansion and gift family members, and is now being sued by the company.

In May 2021, Thevamanogari Manivel asked Crypto.com for a refund, in the amount of US$100. However, when making the payment, the company entered the woman’s account number in the field where the amount to be paid should be entered. With the confusion, millions were transferred instead of a much more modest sum.

But the brokerage only realized the error seven months later, during an audit.

Even so, the court has already ruled in favor of Crypto.com, with an order for Gangadory to sell the house as soon as possible. The money must be returned with interest, which already reaches US$ 27.3 thousand (R$ 141 thousand), in addition to other additional costs related to the process.

Luxury home and ‘missing’ sister

Crypto.com specializes in cryptocurrencies, is based in Singapore and has Hollywood star Matt Damon as its poster boy. Even though it was a large company, it took a long time for anyone to notice the huge mistake made in Manivel’s favor.

So much time later, when going to court, the broker discovered that part of the money had been spent: the Australian used US$ 1.35 million (R$ 6.9 million) to buy a luxurious four-bedroom house in a suburb of the city. from Melbourne. Ownership of the property, however, was transferred to her sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory, who lives in Malaysia.

Manivel’s account was frozen, but almost all the remaining money had already been transferred to six other accounts — which were later also frozen by court order. She would have given gifts to family and friends, including her daughter and sister.

Gangadory, living outside the country, has not yet been found. She does not respond to Crypto.com contacts, and the only time she communicated about the case was to respond to an email from her sister’s lawyers, with a simple “thank you”. According to the legal team, she is “seeking legal advice” at the moment.

*With information from The Guardian and decrypt.

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