Worsening of the “best pitch in Argentina” makes Flamengo see Vélez’s bad faith and dispense with lunch | Flamengo

The atmosphere between Vélez Sarsfield and Flamengo warmed up this Wednesday morning, the day the clubs open the Libertadores semi-final, at 21:30 (Brasília). A meeting was held at the José Amalfitani Stadium at 11 am, and the meeting was held in a heated atmosphere. The red-blacks were surprised by the substantial worsening of the pitch compared to what was seen on the 22nd, when Vélez and Sarmiento drew 1-1 for the Argentine Championship.

Image taken of José Amalfitani’s pitch this Tuesday — Photo: ESPN Reproduction

The revolt of Flamengo leaders is reinforced by the fact that the club has information that Vélez is traditionally known for having the best lawn in Argentina. In the red-black understanding, there was premeditated and purposeful action to harm the conditions of the field.

The red-black management alleges that the state of the pitch does not respect the prerequisites stipulated by Conmebol, and that, therefore, it could have been transferred to another stadium. The regulation mentions a possible change in case of “bad state of the lawn”, without specifying if it is about the quality of the grass or a flood, for example.

See the snippet of the regulation:

“Regardless of the fulfillment of capacity according to the stage of the dispute, CONMEBOL could order the replacement of the indicated Stadium for another that offers greater capacity, comfort, security or even when circumstances of greater risk or questions related to security are identified (possibility of greater of visiting public, history of previous problems, risk of fights between fans, poor state of the field of play, etc.)”

In a short time, José Amalfitani’s lawn had a sudden drop in quality — Photo: Reproduction

Flamengo attended the game meeting represented by Cacau Cotta, director of external relations, Fabinho Soldado, football manager, and Gabriel Skinner, supervisor. Five representatives of Vélez and the delegate of the match, the Uruguayan Aldo Gioia, also participated.

During the recognition of the turf, the red-black representatives observed that the turf markings, such as the central circle, areas and other lines, were all green. In their view, another action to cover the numerous holes they identified during the inspection.

After the meeting between the clubs at the Vélez stadium, Flamengo canceled the traditional lunch they usually hold with opposing club leaders due to dissatisfaction with the treatment received.

Flamengo Newsletter: meet Argentines who support Lanús and Flamengo

Flamengo Newsletter: meet Argentines who support Lanús and Flamengo

The ball rolls at 9:30 pm on the now-chastised Vélez lawn, but the game has already started to be played since the early hours of the day. Flamengo, by the way, is considering making a formal complaint to Conmebol through a letter.

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