Monthly Archives: August 2022

What is the best smartwatch to buy in 2022?

Choosing a smartwatch can be a bit of a complicated task, especially if you are not used to such devices yet. The variety is very high, and the models available on the market have very different characteristics, especially the more advanced ones. Some watches have a more developed system, with …

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Who won and was better in the UOL/Band debate? see search

The presidential candidate for the MDB, senator Simone Tebet, had the best evaluation in today’s presidential debate (28), according to qualitative research carried out by Datafolha with 60 people in real time. President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is seeking re-election, was the worst, according to the participants. The survey is …

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10 Fabulous Animals That Live in Antarctica

– Reading time: 6 minutes – Penguins, orcas, elephant seals… these are just some of the animals that live in Antarctica and prove that nature resists extreme conditions. Despite the very low temperatures on the southernmost continent on Earth, anyone who thinks there is nothing to know about wildlife there …

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