Monthly Archives: August 2022

Argentine Chancellor Calls Eduardo Bolsonaro “Ignorant”

Brazilian deputy endorsed US senator’s criticism of Argentine vice president Cristina Kirchner JUAN MABROMATA / AFP Cristina Kirchner has a privileged forum for being the country’s vice president The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Santiago Cafieroresponded to statements by the federal deputy and son of the President of the …

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Chile warns of threat of collapse around giant Atacama crater

Authorities have redrawn a security perimeter around the hole after assessing the risk that new cracks and landslides could arise at the site. Per Essay 08/29/2022 | 08:46 Continues after advertising authorities of Chile warned of the “high risk of collapse” of the soil in the region around the giant …

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Why I decided to stop talking for 17 years

Jo Fidgen and Laura Thomas BBC Outlook programme* 4 hours ago photo caption, John Francis, in the days when he didn’t talk and only walked – and now American John Francis made a life-changing decision as a young hippie: stop talking. He was silent for 17 years until he realized …

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