Monthly Archives: September 2022

The Quantum Decade Is Moving Even Faster Than We Expected

Quantum computing is no longer a futuristic concept. The world has entered the Quantum Decade – an era when companies are starting to see the business value of quantum computing. This year’s unprecedented advances in hardware, software development and services validate the technology’s momentum, creating an ecosystem that paves the …

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Armor Wars could change Marvel’s plans; understand

Marvel took everyone by surprise this Thursday (29). The studio decided to change the structure of Armor Wars. Instead of being a Disney+ series, the plot starring Don Cheadle will be a movie with an exclusive premiere in theaters. The sudden change can be attributed to fan criticism. And in …

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Google decides to shut down Stadia in early 2023

Today (29), it was announced that the Google will close the stadiawith cloud game streaming remaining active for gamers until January 18, 2023. The news was revealed by Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of the service, through a post on the company’s blog. In addition, the American multinational …

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