5 things only Android phones have

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The dispute over “who is better” has always been present among users of Android phones and iPhones. However, this is a debate that remains fierce. There are some very good points that only Android offers, as well as there are others that are only found on the iPhone. That’s why today we came here to explain to you some differences between Android and iPhone.

In the past, with the launch of smartphones, it was very possible to observe that iPhones had a great advantage, as most applications were launched based on the model of this device.

However, nowadays Android has greatly expanded its capabilities across devices to keep abreast of development acquired by Apple. So this race is more even than ever. To learn more about their distinctive points of these gadgets, check out the full article!

Dual SIM card support

If you work, and your work requires a phone number only for professional activities, Android devices can help you. They’ve had this option for a while. However, finding an iPhone with this feature is very rare, and even those that do have a different function.

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One difference between Android and iPhone is USB versatility

Apple has a very demanding system for its USB port, so there are very limited products that can be purchased that interact with cell phones of this brand. Androids are much more versatile, accepting a wider variety of chargers and cables.

extra storage

This is one of the great advantages of Android. Even after using up most of the phone’s storage, there is still the possibility to add extra storage just by buying an SD card.

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Interface customization

Another difference between Android and iPhone is the possibility to customize the application screen. Apple’s system is much less versatile in this sense, while Android phones have features capable of transforming your device’s interface into a totally different one from the original. For this, Launchers applications are available on the Play Store that do this customization for you.

split screen

For those who love to multitask, this Android feature will make iPhone owners jealous. With it, you can split the screen to use two applications simultaneously, and you can also adjust the size that each window will occupy on your display.

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