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“Family Law” T2

Close encounters of the third degree

Life is lining up for Abby, who is now six months into her father’s company. An unwanted encounter, however, happens when she catches her husband, Frank, in a delicate situation with another woman. Result? Marriage hangs on a tightrope. Her father, in turn, shares the company’s partnership with his son, Daniel, who remains convinced that Abby will leave the company once her probation ends.

PREMIERE: September 5, at 9:25 pm, at AXN White.

Every Monday a new episode.

Special Jenni vs. Jenni

A Jennifer never comes alone: ​​Wednesdays at AXN White are marked by an epic combat of Jennifer Aniston Vs. Jennifer Lopez. Every Wednesday at 9:25 pm.

“Ex-Wife Wanted”

transgressive love

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) has become a “bounty hunter” paid to capture wrongdoers and outlaws. The next person on the list is his ex-wife Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). The new mission sounds inspiring, but everything gets complicated when he realizes that, in addition to Nicole being a strong-willed woman, she has also been involved in an investigation that has left her in the crosshairs of professional assassins.

“Say It Around”

family secrets

Marriage wasn’t in her plans, but Sarah (Jennifer Aniston) still agreed to marry her boyfriend. Her sister has also decided to get married, and Sarah goes to Pasadena—which means spending a lot of family time. It is then that she stumbles upon a family secret and questions her origins.

“A Runaway Mother-in-law”

A lost war?

After years of searching for the perfect match, Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) meets the man she’s always dreamed of. However, her mother is a nightmare in human form, who will do anything to disrupt their relationship.

“Date in Manhattan”

a challenging passion

Jennifer Lopez is Marisa Ventura, a determined single mother who works as a maid in a luxury hotel. One day, when a colleague urges her to try on a couture dress, Marisa meets Christopher Marshall, a politician who is immediately attracted to her.

Cinema Crush

On Sundays, at 9:25 pm, there is a movie night at AXN White.

“Sex and the City”

Times change, friendships remain

Carrie continues her romance with her eternal love, Mr. Big while writing your column. Miranda still works as a lawyer and is married to Steve, with whom she raises their five-year-old son. Charlotte married Harry and finally adopted a small baby.

Sunday, September 4 at 9:25 pm at AXN White.

“Big hopes”

Never forget a first love

Pip is a humble orphan who, thanks to a mysterious benefactor, becomes an illustrious gentleman. He tries to win the love of Estella, a spoiled heiress and also his childhood crush. But the revelation about the origin of Pip’s heritage will be devastating.

Sunday, September 11 at 9:25 pm at AXN White.

“Life in One Day”

Live life

London, 1939. Miss Guinevere Pettigrew is a middle-aged housekeeper who is once again unfairly fired. Without even receiving compensation, she concludes that, for the first time in two decades, she has to seize the moment.

Sunday, September 18 at 9:25 pm at AXN White.

“The Journey of the Hundred Steps”

Big and Indian

The Kadam family leaves India to open an Indian restaurant in a picturesque French village. Who doesn’t like the idea is the owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant that is on the same street. Who will win this culinary battle?

Sunday, September 26 at 9:25 pm at AXN White.

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