Abel Ferreira makes a statement that he humiliated Felipão and may have ended his friendship


the coach of palm trees appeared very dissatisfied at the press conference after the duel against Athletico Paranaense for going to the semifinals of Liberators. The Portuguese ended up sharing the responsibility of the bad result in the performances well below the expected by the cast, especially that of Flaco Lopez.

“It was a tight, difficult game. When the opponent was one less, we had five shots and could have scored our goal. O Athletico is a team that defends well and wins. But we will play at home, we will do everything to turn the game around,” he said. Abel Ferreira sopens the expectations about the confrontation back in the Allianz Park.

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The Portuguese also stressed that the next game will bring different contexts, and played the responsibility of making the result in the Paraná team. For Abel Ferreira, the fact that he had fewer days to work on the confrontation may have been decisive for the performance that was much lower than expected of the players alviverde.

“The players are prepared for this, we trained a lot to be in this final stage and the Athletico burned some fat to work on this game. We prepared in two days. We are working to be good in two decisions, we prepare for that. The opponents we face are of our level and we know the difficulty”, he added. abel.

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