America achieves historic feats even with revenue up to 10x lower than rivals

under the coordinate
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Under the coordination of Marcus Salum (background), America has made historic campaigns in the Copa do Brasil and in the Brazilian Championship in the last three years

In recent years, America has achieved historic feats despite having revenues up to 10 times lower than their opponents in Brazilian football. Next, the supersports shows numbers, financial comparisons with other clubs in Brazil and recalls important campaigns by Coelho.

A table with the earnings of the Serie A teams of the Brazilian Championship with pay per view (TV Globo’s paid channel) went viral on social networks recently due to the disparity in values. If, on the one hand, America raised BRL 660,000 in 2021, Flamengo had a gain of BRL 144 million in the sport.

This is due to the current business model, defined by the broadcaster in 2016. Television quotas are divided as follows: 40% equal, 30% exposure (number of games broadcast – including pay channels) and 30% per placement.

However, some clubs signed a contract with a guaranteed minimum, such as Flamengo and Corinthians, which generates a higher amount for these clubs. While 70% of the total amount collected by clubs is similar, the exposure quota shows a big difference.

Total earnings from Series A broadcasting rights in 2021


  • 40% of the equal share = BRL 26.5 million
  • 30% exposure = BRL 13.3 million (BRL 660,000 from PPV)
  • 30% for eighth place = BRL 25.8 million
  • Total = BRL 65.7 million


  • 40% of the equal share = BRL 26.5 million
  • 30% exposure = BRL 166.8 million (BRL 144 million from PPV)
  • 30% for second place = BRL 31.3 million
  • Total = BRL 224.6 million

income disparity

For Marcus Salum, SAF president of America, this division creates a very large disparity between clubs. He also says what would be the ideal division model in his opinion. “This creates an imbalance. I think that if I divided 70% evenly and 30% by placement it would be better”, he said, when supersports.

In 2022, this model further demonstrates this difference. While Flamengo, Corinthians, So Paulo and Palmeiras should together receive approximately 48% of the pay per view amounts, Amrica, Atltico-GO, Ava, Juventude, Red Bull Bragantino and Cuiab add up to 0.7% of the total: approximately R$ 2.8 million in all.

Last year, America finished in eighth place in the Brazilian Championship, securing its best place in the era of consecutive points and an unprecedented classification for the Copa Libertadores. For this, it surpassed teams with higher revenues, such as So Paulo, Grmio, Internacional, Santos, RB Bragantino, Bahia, Cear, among others.

The big difference between revenues is also explained by other reasons, such as box office gains and partners. America received approximately R$12.7 million, adding these two aspects together, while So Paulo collected approximately R$48 million.

Importance of awards for America

Something that allows America to have a minimum of competitiveness are the awards received for performance. If, on the one hand, Coelho fell in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil in 2021, the eighth place in Serie A was a counterweight in this ‘scale’.

In this transfer window, the club made the biggest purchase in its history by signing Argentine midfielder Emmanuel Martinez, in addition to Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Mastriani, both former Barcelona de Guayaquil. According to the president of the Ecuadorian team, the first was sold for R$ 6.2 million (50% of the economic rights), while the second earned R$ 3.1 million (60%).

America’s signings for the 2022 season

Last year, Coelho formed its squad with players on loan and with no ties to any club. The only purchases (at the end of the season) were left-back Marlon, for R$1.5 million, and midfielder Lucas Kal, in amounts kept secret.

Even so, investment is still far behind the country’s top clubs. As an example, Flamengo spent almost R$160 million on signings in 2022, something that makes the dispute ‘unviable’ in Marcus Salum’s view.

“It’s very uneven. Take Flamengo’s signings in the window and see if it’s viable. I have to play on equal terms. ‘I played in the Libertadores with Atlético, who earn much more than I do”, pointed out the manager.

Another point is the payroll. While America spends around R$4 million a month, Flamengo spends approximately R$30 million. Atltico, Corinthians and Palmeiras, all with R$ 20 million a month, are other sheets much larger than Coelho’s.

In the quarter-finals of this year’s Copa do Brasil, only Atltico-GO had a lower salary expense than America. The numbers are by Jorge Nicola, columnist for supersports.

America’s future

For Marcus Salum, America’s recent achievements are due to the few mistakes made by the club. The manager points out that he got used to ‘doing more with less’, something that other teams also need to do due to the financial disparity in Brazilian football.

“Every time you manage a club with limited resources and you are incessantly looking for results, if you don’t optimize processes and do things with fewer mistakes, you don’t have the slightest chance. Let’s learn, reducing the numbers of mistakes”, he said. .

“If you make a mistake, you will pay dearly. Everyone makes mistakes, but we have to minimize. We are used to doing more with less and we learn many things. This is an expertise that some clubs have created in Brazil due to the disparity in revenue in the country, which is absurd”, complemented.

Salum believes that few teams will win titles in the coming years. For him, this already happens in the main competitions in the country. “Just look at the results of the Copa do Brasil, Brasileiro, they are the same, because the financial distance is becoming unbearable. Even if you are good, classify, you ‘die’ with a defeat in the end”, he lamented.

“After we (we) consolidate, we will certainly seek title conquests, because that’s what we live for. Not just regional championships, but also reaching the finals of South American championships. Copa do Brasil already had the opportunity to reach the semifinals. This is the objective for the next five years of America”, affirmed the leader, during the presentation of Martinez.

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