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Back in the warmth of São Januário, Vasco gave an answer on the field and gained breath in the marathon for access. After turbulent days, with consecutive defeats away from home, the team needed to return to its natural habitat, Rio de Janeiro, where it remains unbeaten in 14 games, to regain victory and peace. The team has a use of 76% as home team in Serie B.

However, it was not an easy result. The 2-1 over Guarani, this Wednesday, was fair, but it had its moments of tension. Thiago Rodrigues, once again, was decisive, with at least two important saves during the game. The glow, however, was all the kids. And that goes through the lineup of Emílio Faro.

Best moments: Vasco 2 x 1 Guarani, for the 27th round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Best moments: Vasco 2 x 1 Guarani, for the 27th round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

It wasn’t quite a hostile environment, but the scenario before the ball rolled in São Januário was one of apprehension and pressure. Before the game, part of the crowd asked for players and coach.

After much criticized performances against CSA and Bahia, Emílio Faro came with a different formation. He changed Matheus Ribeiro for Léo Matos on the side, but the most significant changes were in the offensive sector. Young Marlon Gomes and Eguinaldo received opportunities – the first for the 18-year-old striker as a starter. And they corresponded, alongside another young man, Andrey, the most talented and regular player on the team.

Eguinaldo celebrates a goal in Vasco x Guarani – Photo: André Durão

From the beginning, Vasco was noticed to be lighter and with more movement in the front, but still having difficulties in creating. Despite the greater volume, few submissions. Emílio started the game with Alex Teixeira open on the left and Eguinaldo in the center. Faced with difficulties, he reversed the position of the pair.

At 17 min of the 1st half - Alex Teixeira suffers a penalty

At 17 min of the 1st half – Alex Teixeira suffers a penalty

And precisely in a move of approach and movement on the left side that Vasco reached the goal. Nenê noticed Andrey infiltrating the area. The number 8 crossed for Eguinaldo, who played for Alex Teixeira, who was knocked down. Penalty converted into a goal by Nenê.

– Eguinaldo is a 9, but with ease of playing on the side of the field. We brought in Alex because Guarani’s right-back is actually a defender and there was no need for Alex to compose there. But in this situation of Alex getting more inside and getting closer to Nenê, Eguinaldo and Andrey – and the first goal comes like this, with their approach -, we put Eguinaldo more on the side of the field. And he gave a solution both in the defensive composition and in the approach of the attack, for the vitality he has – explained Emílio after the match.

Marlon Gomes and Andrey Santos in Vasco x Guarani — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

With the advantage, Vasco tried to control the match, but suffered scares, especially in the aerial play. With his head, Yuri almost scored. Thiago Rodrigues had to make his first major intervention. Before the break, Eguinaldo pulled the counterattack and left Nenê in front of the goal. Shirt 10, however, kicked close to the post.

Andrey and Eguinaldo’s Brilliance

The first minutes of the final stage were electrifying. With just 20 seconds, Marlon launched Andrey, who started through the middle, kicked, the ball deflected and left for Eguinaldo to extend. With the goal, a quiet second half was designed for Vasco, but that was not what happened.

At 5 minutes, Thiago Rodrigues made a beautiful save with a header by Isaque. Then, in a corner kick, Anderson Conceição headed and scored against. Two shots in a row from the top, which has been Vasco’s biggest defensive problem.

– Until this round, Vasco was the eighth team that conceded the most goals in dead balls. It’s an adjustment we’re making. Let’s adjust. But we are the third team that scored the most in set pieces. But it really is something that we have to adjust to not concede more goals like that – said Emílio.

Vasco, Guarani, São Januário — Photo: André Durão

Guarani’s goal brought back the atmosphere of apprehension to São Januário. Marlon Gomes, who came back from injury and was playing well, was replaced by Figueiredo. Something that was already programmed, but generated boos for Emílio Faro.

With the team visibly more tired, Vasco exchanged the veterans Nenê and Alex Teixeira for the young Pec and Palácios. With Figueiredo and Pec open and helping to mark, Vasco managed to control Guarani’s momentum on the sides of the field and had chances to expand. Eguinaldo almost scored a great goal in a rush from the defense field. Fábio Gomes, who entered the final part, had two good chances.

In stoppage time, Guarani rehearsed a pressure, Vasco retreated, but behaved well and secured the victory that secured the three points and brought back confidence in access, 11 rounds to go in Serie B.

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