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Another month begins and two more titles leave the HBO Max. The platform announced today (01) that the anime Bleach and the live action Tomorrow’s Watcher: Ghost in the Shell will leave the catalog on the 30th.

Bleach debuted on the service in February. The anime is also available on other platforms, such as Netflix and the clear videoin addition to having passed the Wanimeat the Warner Channel. It is worth noting that the disney may have bought the exhibition rights of the series — which would explain a possible exodus of Bleach on the other platforms. In October, the arc will premiere Thousand Year Blood War (Thousand Year Blood War), still without confirmed airing on international streaming. THE panini republishes the manga currently in Brazil.

the live action of Ghost in the Shell premiered in 2017, starring the actress Scarlett Johansonn as agent Motoko Kusanagi. The service also features the four animated films in the series. arise in the catalogue. The film is also available on Prime Video.

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Image: Characters from Bleach (manga).

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosagi, a teenager who always gets into fights and can feel and see spirits. One day, Ichigo comes across soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki who “lends” him part of her powers so that Ichigo can help his family.

the manga of Tito Kubowas published in the journal Weekly Shounen Jump from August 2001 to August 2016, yielding 74 volumes. In Brazil, it was published in full by the publisher panini in physical format, with some volumes also available in ebook.

In October 2004, the anime adaptation, produced by Studio Pierrot with direction of Noriyuki Abe (Yu Yu Hakusho). The series concluded in 2012 without adapting the manga’s full story, with 366 episodes. In July 2018, a live-action film was released with the direction of Shinsuke Sato (read here film review). A new season was announced in 2020.

The complete anime is currently available on crunchyroll with subtitles in Portuguese and 229 dubbed episodes. Part of the series is available with the option of dubbing by funimation and for a long time it was part of the catalog of Netflixwhich also screens the live-action film, and through the Of course TV/NOW. Previously, the anime was aired by Animax, Sony Spin, Claro Video and PlayTV. THE Pluto TV also announced that animation would be part of her service, but so far she hasn’t shown up there.

Ghost in the Shell

Koukaku Kidoutai

Image: Major Makoto Kusanagi in the 'Ghost in the Shell' manga.

The dystopian atmosphere of The Ghost in the Shell takes place in the year 2029, in a world that has undergone a great technological evolution. But at the same time that humanity artificially prospered, it collapsed as a society and increased its inequalities. A fruit of the new technology is the cyborg Major Makoto Kusanagi, whom we accompany in her mission to solve cyber crimes and reflect on her real condition as a living being.

The original manga created by Masamune Shirow (released here by Editora JBC), was first published in 1989, winning a historic animation for cinema in 1995, currently available by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Since then, other manga and anime sequels have been released, and even a live-action feature film starring Scarlett Johansson It hit theaters in 2017.

Other films in the franchise are available on Prime Video and fur look. JBC launched the manga in Brazil in December The Ghost in the Shell 1.5 and currently publishes the digital chapters of Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm. On DVD and Blu-ray, the original film was released here by Focus Filmes.

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