Buying without a doubt! Find out how to choose the best charger for your cell phone

It is not uncommon to have to think about investing in a new charger for the smartphone or tablet that we carry in our pocket daily, whether the manufacturer has removed the accessory from the box — which even imposed a setback on Apple and the Americans—, for the original malfunction or even, to have a spare one to carry to work inside the backpack.

This new acquisition, however, requires as much attention as the purchase of the device itself, after all, a low quality charger can jeopardize its safety and integrity, especially when the origin is not concerned with possible production problems.

Apple and Americanas are ordered by the court to provide charger in the box

economy and market
29 Aug

Redmi Note 11 SE is announced in India with Helio G95 and no charger in the box

economy and market
26 Aug

One of the brands that we can consider as reliable for purchase in an “alternative” brand is Anker, a manufacturer that is currently represented by Positivo Informática and that, through its Product Manager, Gustavo Massette, offers us a good guide to start the conversation. :

“The first information that the user should look for in a charger are: if the output power of the charger is compatible with your device, if the input voltage is the same as your outlet, and if the device supports fast charging. If one of these questions is not aligned with your smartphone, better look for a different model”

Another point raised by Massete was the tradition on the part of some users to purchase exclusive chargers of the same brand as the device — something that is partly pointed out as a recurring problem of counterfeit accessories — and points out that today, it is possible to find options even more robust in trusted brands with embedded technologies and extra certifications.

“This issue arose due to the use of counterfeit and low quality chargers. However, there are brands that can deliver an equal or better user experience, such as Anker itself, which is the number one brand in fast charging technologies in the world.”

Charger depends on the device for fast charging

Another aspect that raises doubts and curiosity when we talk about chargers is the support for fast charging and in this sense, it is first necessary to understand that the less time in the socket does not depend only on the charger but also on the device that needs to be prepared for it.

In general terms, we can say that it’s no use buying a charger that delivers more speed if your device doesn’t support it, which in the end will make your time waiting for it to complete the charge to be basically the same as a simpler charger. This information is usually seen in the technical specifications of the device and in the manual.

And the cable?

Sometimes ignored in the relationship between charger and cell phone (or tablet), the cable is also an important variant in this energy relationship and in this sense, it is important to seek to invest in accessories that are more resistant, with adequate size and certification compatible with your device.

In short: if you, for example, have an iPhone, the ideal is to look for a cable with MFi certification (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) and also to analyze alternative materials such as Nylon or fiber, which tend to be more protected and therefore more durable.

Some options in Brazil



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