Can JK Rowling’s “cancellation” affect the success of Hogwarts Legacy?

We know that JK Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter books, was heavily criticized on multiple social networks for positions regarding the trans community, to the point of suffering a “cancellation”, that is, when multiple accounts block a person and stop consuming any type of content from that individual directly. Could this affect Hogwarts Legacy in any way?

In the midst of the controversies, the writer received criticism from actors in the cast, such as Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna, in addition to Stephen King himself, famous writer for works such as It: The Thing, The Shining and Carry, The strange.

Understand once and for all the controversy involving JK Rowling

The story is long and it is necessary to bring points from all sides, so there are no gaps and a partial interpretation of the facts. In short, JK Rowling is associated with radical feminism and some of her positions generate controversy, making a portion of her audience uncomfortable.

The Harry Potter writer at first showed herself in favor of minorities, including in 2017, when President Trump could pass a bill that would expel trans people from the military, she took a position against, until then supporting this minority group.

Everything started to change in 2020, when JK commented on an article that had in its title the expression “people who menstruate” and the writer criticized the act, making it clear that the term “woman” should be used. The article was intended to be inclusive of trans-masculine people, that is, people who were assigned the female sex, but who identify with a male gender and can often make use of hormones.

The writer stated that sex cannot be erased, that this would be the same as erasing women and all their struggle. The opposition replied, in general, that it would not be an erasure, but an inclusion, so that women would be included in the term, but also trans men, in addition, there are already many texts, websites and all kinds of content. targeted specifically at cis women, so the status quo is what generates an erasure and the text was an inclusion.

“The idea that women like me, who have empathy for trans people for decades and feel an affinity for them, because they are vulnerable in the same way that women – that is, to male violence – ‘hate’ trans people because they think sex is real life and live the consequences of it is absurd”.

Many actors and writers have spoken out against the writer, including many fans have started a joke, claiming that Emma Watson wrote Harry Potter and not JK, to separate her from the work.

Don’t stop there…

Until then, many fans identified a transphobia, while others saw nothing wrong. But JK didn’t stop there, as she defended a woman who was fired from her job for being transphobic. Researcher Maya Forstater claimed that her employment contract would not be renewed for posting on her Twitter that women should not change sex and that a man will never be a woman.

Between one case and another, JK committed a gaffe that was the trigger for its cancellation: he posted on his social networks a link to a site with a radical feminist content. Among the products sold, many said phrases such as “trans doesn’t exist” or even more violent statements linking trans people to rape. In addition, she began posting texts that insinuated that trans women were male rapists and a threat to women.

In the author’s case, she makes it clear that people need to be separated by sex and not by gender, that is, for her, a trans woman should not have the same access as a cis woman, because she is male, therefore male. This is confirmed when she joined Trump in 2020, supporting bills aimed at separating everything by biological sex, which could harm trans people.

The situation is a little more explicit

While some of the above situations may be ambiguous to many readers, the fact that trans women are rapists and dangerous people, in addition to the dissemination of the radical feminist websitemakes clear a problematic position of the writer.

Many called her TERF (Trans Excludent Radical Feminist) or trans-excludable radical feminist, a branch of feminism that has several subverts that do not recognize trans people by their gender, a growing movement in England.

Finally, a man recently commented on Twitter saying he would rather have HIV/AIDS than support the trans movement, as the virus is controllable and does not castrate innocent gay boys. The idea behind this speech is that trans activism is confusing gays and lesbians, making them think they are of a gender they don’t belong, is corrupting and deceiving, causing them to mutilate themselves (when there is surgery). Remembering that not every trans person needs surgery and assuming this is problematic. He was temporarily banned and after returning, JK welcomed.

It is interesting to compare this thinking to what more conservative people did in relation to LGBTs, saying that the “gay movement” would corrupt children and adolescents. The guise is different, but the essence is somewhat the same: a group of dangerous people changing the idea of ​​innocent people.

Scotland has initiated a bill that makes it easier for transgender people to change their gender, as they currently need to have a gender dysphoria certificate from a psychiatrist, pass psychologists for up to two years, live at least 30 days in their desired gender, sign a court document and, if they decide to go back (some trans people go back with the transition) they can even be arrested for misrepresentation.

JK stood againstas this would make it too easy and would put women at risk, as these trans people would have access to environments that only women have, which would create a danger and a greater number of abuses would occur.

A new book by the author is also causing controversy. It is called The Ink Black Heart and is about a detective who investigates the murder of a woman considered racist, capable and transphobic. The author claims that the book has nothing to do with her current situation, as it was written before all the controversies. The work is under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. JK denies that the pseudonym is based on Robert Galbraith Heath, a well-known psychiatrist who supported the conversion of LGBT people and performed many electroshock treatments, performing experiments on guinea pigs and even torture.

And Hogwarts Legacy? Can the game be harmed?

Hogwarts Legacy

JK was completely removed from the production of the game, so ironically it is possible to create trans characters to face the dangers of Hogwarts. She also had a certain departure from the Fantastic Beasts films, but the fact is that the works are hers and deep down, she rules and she profits.

Many fans decided not to consume anything from the Harry Potter writer anymore, due to her positioning, which is what we could call a cancellation, a boycott of a large number of saddened fans. Is this effective? The truth is that this “cancellation” can affect many people, but when we talk about an extremely renowned writer, who is a billionaire, it’s just surreal. Some people are immune to cancellation.

Hogwarts Legacy would hardly be affected by some kind of boycott or fervent positioning of people outraged by the writer’s ideas, as she already has her work very well structured, in addition to her personality. If the RPG is going to fail, it will be on its own merits and quality.

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