Cell phones that will be without WhatsApp: check the FULL list

Currently, one of the most used applications on Brazilian cell phones is WhatsApp. The messenger platform promises instant communication between two people with internet access.

Thus, in order to always offer the best service to users, the company needs to carry out system updates from time to time. In this way, it is possible to add new tools and improve the system.

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WhatsApp updated

As mentioned, the company makes updates to the system from time to time. Therefore, the programming is getting more and more advanced and for this reason it becomes incompatible with some cell phone models.

Now, the company will stop working on some devices because of the new update that will not be able to interact with older operating systems. Among the phones included in the list are both Androids and iOS. The change is scheduled to take place in October this year.

It is worth remembering that the company also reported that every year it analyzes which devices have the oldest software and also the number of users of each model to, thus, think about which of them will no longer be able to have the application working.

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old models

The models that will no longer support the application are part of several companies. In total, five institutions are included in the list. See what they are below:

  • LG – Optimus: F3; F3Q; F5; F6; F7; L2 II; L3 II; L3 II Dual; L4 II; L4 II Dual; L5; L5 II; L5 Dual; L7; L7 II; L7 II Dual; Nitro HD; Nitro 4XHD. LG Lucid 2 and Enact.
  • Samsung – Galaxy – Trend Lite; Trend II, Xcover 2; Galaxy SII; Core; Ace 2; S3 mini.
  • Apple – iPhone – 6S; 6S Plus; IF.
  • Huawei – Ascend: G740; D1 Quad XL; Kill; P1 S; D Quad XL; D2.
  • SONY – Xperia: Neo; I aim; Arc S.
  • ZTE – V956; Grand Memo; Grand S Flex; Grand X Quad v987.

Other news

The company frequently publishes new information and services for the application. One of the most recent changes was in relation to the possibility of being able to react to messages using emojis.

In the beginning it was possible to make only six different faces to show a feeling about a message. However, it is now free to use any e =moji from the available collection.

Therefore, it is important to mention that the update occurred automatically but gradually. Thus, people who still do not recline the update should take it easy so that the novelty reaches everyone.

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