Cher is compared to Dua Lipa and counters; ‘How long does a generation last?’ · Rolling Stone

On Twitter, Cher responded to the comparison with Dua Lipa and generated debate among fans.

The singer Cher bothered by a tweet from a fan who compared her to Dua Lipa. The tweet tagged the two artists and stated that two and the “Cher of our generation”.

“How old are you in a generation?” he replied. Cher, of 76 years.

Both have been compared for the clothes they wear. two have used on your tour Future Nostalgia. Some fans agreed with the singer: “It’s not wrong, respect who defined the art”, said one user. “As long as she and her work are alive, she is from our generation,” agreed another netizen.

Others justified that younger people do not know Cher but they know Dua Lipa.

“My parents taught me about pop culture, but some people in their 20s and older are unaware of the cultural impact of pop culture. Cher. They didn’t grow up with that influence,” said one follower.

Dua Lipa Named Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo

Dua Lipa received the title of Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo. The tribute took place last Friday, the 5th, and was conducted by the president Vjosa Osmani. In a post on social media, the singer thanked and reiterated her belief in the country’s ideals.

The author of “Levitating” was born in the United Kingdom, is the daughter of Albanian parents and lived in the neighboring country during her adolescence. Even after returning to England to pursue a career in music, she continued remembering her origins and highlighting the struggle for the territory’s independence from Serbia.

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“It is an honor and a privilege to be able to represent my country around the world and continue to strive to make our mark and change. Kosovo’s youth deserve the right to have a passport, freedom to travel and dream big.”

Osmani highlighted how Dua Lipa did a lot to represent the country globally.

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After the declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was recognized by the United States and other European countries such as France, Portugal and the United Kingdom. However, Serbia still claims the territory, making recognition as a nation difficult.

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