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The spreads of fake news in Brazil and in the world recently gained a new chapter. O deepfake, production of videos that make use of images and voices of influential people in non-existent contexts. Its only purposes are: to reach victims and/or spread disinformation.

O deepfake It consists of a technique, of a criminal nature, where the image of a celebrity, politicians, TV news presenters, among others, is used in a malicious way. In this way, criminals make use of the power of reach that victims have to manipulate phrases and shoot such content in digital groups.

This Thursday (18), the UOL portal even released a report in which deepfakes focusing on the 2022 elections are already circulating on Social Networking applications. One of the targets was the presenter of Jornal Nacional Renata Vasconcelos. Previously, in the last election held in the United States, candidates were also targets of these digital crimes.

With the presence of several video editing and manipulation applications on the market, the production of deepfakes It just spreads easily. For this manipulation, criminals can take a person’s image from one context and place it in another. In the same way, they extract the audio and through codes in programs end up editing it to create non-existent phrases and dialogues.

The first records of these actions are from the year 2017, in which actresses Emma Watson and Emma Stone had their images linked in videos of sexual content.

Identifying Deepfake

The UOL Portal also published a step-by-step guide on how to identify a deepfake. Among the points that deserve attention is the quality of the video and its origin. Still, the synchrony between sound and image is another differential. Videos in which the voice does not accompany the lip movements, in some cases, can have a malicious nature. But above all, research the content.

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