“Deserves a big ear tug”; Nilson César chooses ‘villain’ after Palmeiras’ defeat in Libertadores

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Narrator made it very clear who is responsible for the drop in performance seen against Athletico-PR, at Arena da Baixada

Photo: Reproduction/Jovem Pan - Nilson César spared no criticism.
Photo: Reproduction/Jovem Pan – Nilson César spared no criticism.

O palm trees got complicated in Libertadores by losing 1-0 in the first leg of the semifinals against Athletico-PR, in Curitiba, needing to win by 2 goals difference at Allianz Parque to guarantee their spot in the final. The team led by Abel Ferreira did not have a good performance, but should count on Scarpa’s return to seek the result.

With the absence of the aforementioned duo at Arena da Baixada, the coaching staff chose Gabriel Menino and Flaco López as an option, but the striker, however, performed well below what was expected. The reinforcements brought in by Leila Pereira recently have not yet been able to show the reason why they were hired, generating criticism.

In that line, Nilson Caesarnarrator of Jovem Pan radio, did not forgive this defeat from Palmeiras and “went on” to President Leila Pereira, precisely because of the signing of reinforcements for the 2022 season. Showing dissatisfaction with what has been seen in the field in relation to the news, only 1 came out unscathed from the criticism.

Who hired these guys who are Palmeiras reservesexcept Murilo, who is the only one that worked, deserves a red card. A lot of naughty people. Nobody plays anything. Atuesta, Flaco López, Merentiel, everyone that Palmeiras brought They are very low level players.started, following with more “horns”:

Whoever hired, hired badly as hell. These people deserve a big ear pull. And the technical commission is also there. You have to come and say: ‘I don’t want this guy’. There was a very big failure in the signings of the Palmeiras B team”, he added. Alviverde fans themselves have been questioning the performance of some pieces that arrived in 2022.

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