Feijoada da OAB – Rubedna Braga

It took place in Brasília, on the 27th, the matrimonial bond of the architect Rafaela Gravia and the engineer Eduardo Lavocat Galvao!
The party, scheduled for the end of the afternoon, was romantic, exciting and joyful as the bride and groom wanted! Best wishes to the young couple!

Edward with the beautiful mother, Clarice Lavocat Galvão!

the beautiful bride Rafaela Graviawith a dress signed by stylist Vera Wang.

Edward and Rafaela with the children of the procession!

Ana Alice and Moses Lavocatwith the daughters!

the aunts marilia and Flavia Lavocat and Marcia Montenegro.

Lively party crowd!


Artemis friends Acacio and Zinha Ruela lavishing all the Brazilian charm in Paris! A luxury!

Cruzeiro do Sul – Croa

the doctor Joycely Costa checking out all the natural beauties of the Crôa river, in Cruzeiro do Sul!


All congratulations to the beautiful architect Jussara Rodrigues, last Sunday’s birthday boy! In the photo, next to the hubby Marlon!

Pedro Henrique’s farm!

Pedro Henrique next to the parents!

A beautiful and special party! This is how the prince’s first birthday was celebrated Pedro Henriqueson of Luis Parigot and Kailane AmorimSaturday, at the Alphaville condominium.

Wonderful Kailane Amorim with the birthday boy!

The party enchanted the guests with the farm theme and personalized pets! The beauty and joy of the birthday boy also caught everyone’s attention! Cheers!

Feijoada da OAB

A tremendous success at the Feijoada da OAB, on the 27th! Lots of fun, beautiful people, and of course, delicious feijoada!
President of the OAB, Rodrigo Aiache and Laura Juliao!

Lively class that prestigious the event!


the dear Simone Bader, who currently resides in Recife, received friends and family to blow out the candle on Tuesday, the 30th! Congratulations!


Tutue’s special record Daniela Saraiva at the christening of Claricedaughter of the dear couple Mario and Bruna Beirut.


congratulations to the friend George Pinheiro for another life cycle, completed on Tuesday! Much health and joys!

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