Flamengo’s performances: Pedro is the guy in a historic rout in Argentina and gets top marks | Flamengo

saints [GOL]: The usual security and a good defense in the first half. Note: 6.5

wheeled [LAD]: Smooth, he dribbled a lot and looked for the bottom constantly. Defensively he barely suffered. Grade: 7.0

David Luiz [ZAG]: Absolute in the air, safe in one against one and very few errors in passes. Great match. And a smart yellow to stop the counterattack. He felt the duel decided and involuntarily spared himself the game back. Grade: 8.0

Leo Pereira [ZAG]: It seemed to face children. A monster in the distribution of passes and perfect in defense. Grade: 9.0

Filipe Luís [LAE]: Another one who played a lot. Very important in the play of Pedro’s second goal, Flamengo’s third. He lined up and fought for the ball. Grade: 8.0

Thiago Maia [VOL]: Great in combat and also very good technically. He missed just two of 44 passes attempted. Grade: 8.0

João Gomes [VOL]: A lion in the marking, he finished as the leader of tackles, with five. One of those stolen kicked off Everton Ribeiro’s goal. note: 8.5

Everton Ribeiro [MEI]: Very participative and artist who signed the collective work of Flamengo in the second red-black goal. Grade: 7.5

arrascaeta [MEI]: Even in one of his more discreet games, he participated well in the offensive construction. Note: 6.5

gabigol [ATA]: Lots of movement and two key assists. You can’t talk about perfect performance because you missed out on three incredible chances. Grade: 7.5

Pedro [ATA]: Perfect night. Another gigantic performance in Libertadores. Four shots and three goals. He pivoted, dribbled, caught and remained standing. Top scorer and best player in the competition so far. Grade 10

Pedro celebrates a goal in Vélez x Flamengo — Photo: ge

Vidal [VOL]: Chilean entered, maintained the level of Thiago Maia and had direct participation in the fourth goal. Grade: 7.0

Pulgar, Diego, Cebolinha and Victor Hugo: no note.

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