Hair coloring trends: 4 hair coloring trends for spring

Are you thinking about changing your hair? Then you’ve come to the right place. Spring is one of the seasons of the year that reminds us of the warmest and most cheerful tones, both in clothes, makeup and, of course, in the wires. Yes, highlights also intensify in warmer climates. To help you make the right choice, we went after gringo coloring trends that were a hit abroad and have everything to make Brazilian women’s heads look good.

Although many people associate it with winter, red was among the most successful colors in celebrities’ hair in 2022. Many adhered to red, or reddish tones, such as ZendayaKendall JennerDoja CatSophie TurnerBarbie FerreiraSydney SweeneySZA and much more. Of course, the lit blondes and brunettes are still on the rise, we just can’t leave the warm nuances aside. O strawberry blonde is one of the trends to embark on, which continues with everything. Let’s know more about each trend?

Check out 4 hair color trends for spring below:

Soft (and strategic) lighting

If you just want a very subtle lighting, with that way of being naturally burnt by the sun, you can celebrate: the thin locks and spread freely along the length promise to be successful. A great option to change the look, but with very little maintenance involved.

The redheads are back!

Temperatures rise in spring and there was no way the warmest color could be left out. As we mentioned above, Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, Doja Cat, Sophie Turner and many other celebrities paraded with red hair this year. The reddish tones are here to stay, from the darkest to the lightest, in a very democratic way.

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strawberry blonde

The blonde team is still going strong, but as sunny days can be one of the worst enemies of those with lighter hair (read the platinum ones, which tend to turn yellow), strawberry blonde can be a path. It’s that safe middle ground for those who don’t want to abandon the blonde locks, but at the same time want to give that warmer tone, pulling the red.

bronde hair

Leaving the reds aside, a strong and practical trend is the bronde hair, a mixture of the words blonde (blonde) with brunette (brunette). It’s a shade between brown and blonde hair – the famous lit brunette, but which should now appear a little more pulled towards the cold blonde.

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