Here’s What Happened in She-Hulk’s Post-Credits Scene

The new MCU series has arrived! In She-Hulk we are following the story of lawyer Jennifer Walters, who had her life completely messed up after a car accident with Bruce Banner, her cousin. The differential of this series has been to present a post-credits scene in each of the episodes. Check here for all the details about She-Hulk’s post-credits scenes in the episodes available so far.

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The difference between the post-credits scenes in She-Hulk

Within the MCU it is very common to find post-credits scenes. Marvel productions bring this feature as a way to present a new project or a continuity of the film or series in question. In one of the MCU’s most recent series, Ms. Marvel, we have a spectacular post-credits scene where the connection between Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is suggested.

As is usual in productions, the post-credits scenes are presented at the end of the work. There is no rule for how many scenes are shown one after the other. But the She-Hulk series brought the biggest innovation to this feature within the MCU: presenting a post-credits scene at the end of each episode.

The series currently has three episodes available on Disney+ and each one comes with its own post-credits scene. Check out a summary of each of the scenes below and what they could mean for the series.

If you’re a new Marvel fan, we can warn you in advance that there will always be at least one post-credits scene at the end of every movie or series. So if you’re thinking about turning off the television or leaving the movie theater right after the “normal” end of production, know that you could be missing out on a great novelty that only those who watch the post-credits scenes will know.

EP 1: A normal amount of anger

Early in the first episode, Jennifer (Tatiana Maslany) and her cousin Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) are debating whether Captain America (Chris Evans) died a virgin or not. However, their business was brutally interrupted when they came face to face with a Sakaar ship, which culminated in a car accident.

As we well know, it was at this moment that Bruce’s blood accidentally entered a wound on Jennifer, immediately turning her into yet another Hulk.

Bruce then takes her to an island in order to teach her how to control her instincts and her strength, but Jen is much more developed, not having an alter ego and dealing very well with the She-Hulk that lives inside her.

In the post-credits scene of the first episode, Jen and Hulk are drinking at the bar that Smart Hulk himself built on the island. As both have a very high tolerance for the effects of alcohol, they take the opportunity to drink as much as possible without major consequences. However, Jen uses a clever ruse, pretending to be drunk so that Hulk will tell her the truth about Captain America’s virginity.

During the conversation, Hulk ends up blurting out “he lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour” so Jen lets out a vibrant scream “I KNEW! Captain America fucks…!”

She-Hulk 1 post-credits scene

EP 2: Superhuman Right

The second episode’s post-credits scene shows that Jennifer Walters’ family benefits from her super strength. After an awkward dinner with his aunt and uncle, Ched – Jen’s father – asked for help with mundane tasks like carrying gallons of water into the house. Considering how useful being strong can be for completing household chores, it’s reasonable to assume a connection between these two ideas. Ched bought enough water to supply an entire neighborhood, as Jen notes. She carries all the gallons at once.

Her father also uses Jen’s newfound super strength to install a TV in the living room, while Jen asks him to “not touch those wires again”.

The most impressive task Walters accomplished was lifting a car with one hand to change the tire.

hulk woman post credits scene 2

EP 3: The People Against Emil Blonsky

The third episode features Jen testifying on behalf of her former co-worker. This convinces Megan Thee Stallion – a famous rapper – to hire Jen as her lawyer. In the post-credits scene we see Megan encouraging She-Hulk to wiggle while having fun dancing. Some people delude themselves into thinking they are close to celebrities, like Dennis Drew Matthews, but others live their dream for real. Jen quickly reveals that she would kill for Megan, which made the rapper nervous.

hulk woman post credits scene 3

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