How to enable dark mode in Messenger

In order to save battery and have a more pleasant use, activating the dark mode in Messenger is a good function that the platform offers to users. Its activation is simple, done through the settings of the Facebook messaging application.

In addition to the native possibility of the application, the user can also choose to activate the dark mode on their Android or iOS, programming according to their needs. Access Messenger (Android | iOS) with your Facebook account and follow the steps below.

How to use dark mode in Messenger

When making the change, not only the background of the application changes, but also the buttons to access the functions of the application, from the original dark, to the white. To change, just:

  1. Tap your photo in the upper left corner;
  2. In the “Profile” section, tap “Dark Mode”;
  3. Check the box next to “Enabled” to finish;
  4. Choose “System” if you want to use the phone’s settings.
Activate Messenger’s dark mode to save battery while in use (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

Ready! That way you can activate the mode for lighter reading and battery saving while using the app on your cell phone.

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