How to watch TV Record live on mobile? It’s free?

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If you follow the programming of open channels such as Record TV, know that it is possible to watch online. According to Kantar Ibope Media, the broadcaster owned by businessman and bishop Edir Macedo, is among the five with the best ratings. So, how to watch TV Record live on mobile? It’s free? Yes, all programs and soap operas on the channel can be watched for free. Check step by step.

How to watch TV Record live on mobile?

Watching programming via cell phone is very simple. After all, you can choose to access Portal R7, the station’s YouTube channel or PlayPlus.

Portal R7:

  1. Access the Record website;
  2. In the main menu click on TV Record;
  3. Then click on Programming;
  4. Finally, click Live and you’re done.


Through the official channel of the station on YouTube it is possible to follow excerpts of the programming, but not live. However, the journalistic programming you can follow live. On the Jornal da Record channel, you can also watch news on demand according to the day’s schedule.

Other interesting subjects

  1. Access YouTube;
  2. Type Record News in the search bar;
  3. Then click on the channel logo;
  4. Finally, click on the Live link and you’re done.

By PlayPlus:

The other way to watch TV Record is through PlayPlus, which is the streaming service that makes all the station’s programming available. The platform works with two types of subscriptions: free and paid. In the free modality you have access to all live programming. The paid modality also includes reality shows, also with the right to exclusive cameras.

How to watch TV Record live and for free by PlayPlus:

  1. Download the app from your cell phone store or visit the website;
  2. Click on Register;
  3. Inform your personal data;
  4. Click on Play Package which is the free plan;
  5. Then on Subscribe;
  6. Select your profile and wait;
  7. At the bottom of the page, click On Air;
  8. Choose the region you want to watch and that’s it.

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