Intel Reaffirms That Arc GPUs Will Be “Faster Than GeForce RTX 3060 And Cost Less”

Arc A750 will be more than 10% faster than rival in DX 12

Intel has increasingly confirmed that its best Intel Arc GPUs Will Compete With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. In conversation with PC Gamer, Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout, the Intel duo who have been revealing information about Arc Alchemist GPUs, said that the Arc A750 and Arc A770 will outperform NVIDIA’s GPU in DirectX 12 for a lower price

Peterson guarantees that the Arc A750 will be between 10% and 17% better than the RTX 3060 in games running at DX 12. “When you have a title that is optimized for Intel, in a way, it runs well at DX 12, you will have performance that is significantly higher than an RTX 3060. And that’s the A750 compared to the 3060, so 17%, 14%, 10%. It depends on the title,” explains Peterson.

Intel reps say that in games with the Vulkan API, performance should follow the results that GPUs have been showing in DX 12, with a slight advantage for Intel in a fight between the A750 and RTX 3060.

Intel Arc GPUs will only do better on current APIs for now

“We’re going to be a little bit faster, but depending on your game and depending on your settings, it’s a tie, and that’s the A750. Obviously the A770 is going to be a little bit faster,” Peterson says.

Earlier this month, Intel published tests done on dozens of games comparing its Arc A750 GPU against the RTX 3060. With games configured in Vulkan, in general, Intel’s graphics card does slightly better. In DX 12, among the 42 games tested in 1080p with quality on ultra, the Arc A750 does better in 24 of them.

When it comes to DirectX 11, Intel has “more losses than wins”, as older APIs still give Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs work due to lack of driver optimization. “So when you add in DX 11, you’ll see our performance is a little less, and we’re kind of behind in some cases, ahead in others, but more losses than wins in DX 11.”

Regarding even older APIs, such as DX 9, which is still used by some of the most played titles on Steam, Intel will resort to emulation via DX 12 in partnership with Microsoft.

Some previous unofficial information said that Intel would face the RTX 3070, according to some leaked benchmarks, which doesn’t seem to be the case with the near-end result with the Arc A7 GPUs.

Intel Arc Alchemist Will Have More Performance, Cost Less

“I was hoping we could come up with a little more performance, but the truth is, this is where we are today,” said Tom Petersen. But it guarantees that the high-end GPU will be faster than the RTX 3060, costing less.

“And from my perspective, the gamer says, ‘OK, if I want to play DX 12 right now, I’ll get (for) an incredible value.’ If you think about playing DX 12 and DX 11, and you’re going to split, you’re still going to get great value, because we’re going to put a price on the performance we’re delivering today.”

Even though we still don’t have any clues about the release of Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards, Tom Petersen says it will be “well, very soon”.

Intel Claims ARC GPUs Can Outperform NVIDIA in Ray Tracing Performance

Intel Claims ARC GPUs Can Outperform NVIDIA in Ray Tracing Performance
The company says it will surprise with the results of the Arc A750 and Arc A770 models


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