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After two days of negotiations, the gavel was struck this Thursday. Nonato is no longer a Fluminense player. Internacional refused the tricolor purchase proposal and accepted the offer from Ludogorets, from Bulgaria, for the 24-year-old midfielder. The player will travel in the next few days and will not even face Athletico-PR on Saturday, for the Brazilian Championship. He will say goodbye to the tricolor cast in training this Friday, before the team goes to Curitiba.

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Nonato leaves Flu with 55 games, four goals and seven assists.

Nonato is no longer a Fluminense player — Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense FC

With Nonato coveted, Fluminense presented last Wednesday a proposal of US$ 1.7 million dollars (about R$ 8.8 million) to match the offer of the Bulgarian club for 70% of the economic rights of the player. The difference is that it was without the US$ 600 thousand dollars (approximately R$ 3 million) of bonuses and in installments, while Ludogorets promised to pay in the short term. International refused.

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President Mário Bittencourt still tried one last card this Thursday, in a virtual meeting with the Colorado board, but Fluminense finally decided not to enter an auction with the Bulgarian club. Tricolor had a purchase option at the end of Nonato’s loan for US$ 2.5 million (R$ 12.9 million) for 50% of the economic rights, and initially intended to negotiate the value to try to keep the player in 2023. But Ludogorets’ offer changed the scenario.

Watch Nonato's goal against Fortaleza

Watch Nonato’s goal against Fortaleza

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Nonato had contact with Inter until the end of 2023, but he did not intend to leave Fluminense now. The midfielder became an absolute starter and a key part of coach Fernando Diniz’s scheme, in addition to feeling valued at the club and adapted to life in Rio de Janeiro. But the salary offer in euro, due to the exchange rate difference, was considered undeniable.

Fluminense paid about R$500,000 to Inter for the 10-month loan. As Nonato leaves before the end of the contract, in December, Tricolor will be entitled to a showcase fee of 10% of the transaction. The final values ​​of the sale have not been confirmed, but the Tricolor should receive about US$ 200 thousand dollars (approximately R$ 1 million).

Nonato in action for Fluminense against Palmeiras — Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

In addition to losing Nonato in the last 14 rounds of the Brazilian Championship, Fluminense will also not have the player in the final stretch of the Copa do Brasil. That is, Tricolor lost two of its three midfielders for the semifinal return game against Corinthians (André is suspended).

In an official note on Thursday night, the Fluminense confirmed the output:

“The Nonato steering wheel is disconnecting from the Fluminense to make a new commitment to a club in Bulgaria. The exit occurs after negotiation between the International (holder of the player’s federative and economic rights) and the club in Europe. Within its possibilities, the Fluminense tried to keep the player, who opted for the transfer to European football. O Fluminense thanks Nonato for all the dedication throughout the 55 games in which he played with Armadura Tricolor and wishes him much success in his new journey. The club also thanks the board of International for the correct, dignified and transparent manner in which the negotiations were conducted”.

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