New York bans carrying guns in Times Square – 09/01/2022 – World

The possession of firearms will be prohibited in Times Square, New York’s postcard, starting this Thursday (1st), as well as in several public places in the state and in the city of New York. The new legislation was voted on by the state’s governor, Kathy Hochul, and the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, both of the Democratic Party, and announced this Wednesday (31).

The move is a reaction to a June ruling by the US Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority. At the time, the collegiate overturned a 1913 New York state law that determined that people interested in carrying a pistol on the streets had to present a justification for doing so.

Other states, such as Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey, have similar laws, which experts say would also expire. Initial analyzes indicated that the decision was one of the largest expansions of the right to bear arms ever made in the country.

Announcing the new measure on Wednesday, Eric Adams – a former police officer who has put the fight against gun violence at the center of his tenure – said the law now imposes new eligibility requirements for applicants for a permit to carry a permit. hidden, in addition to restricting the carrying of weapons in places considered sensitive.

Hochul, who in June called the Supreme Court’s decision “absolutely shocking”, added that weapons, even hidden in cases, bags or pockets, will be banned in “bars, libraries, schools, public services and hospitals”.

Hochul also noted that she refuses to give up her “right as governor to protect New Yorkers from gun violence or any other form of aggression.”

Restrictions do not apply to order agents.

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