Pedro explains why he didn’t go to Palmeiras

The possibility of Pedro, from Flamengo, wearing the shirt of Palmeiras stirred up the transfer window at the beginning of the year. In addition to the value that would exceed 100 million reais, the rivalry between the clubs also counted a lot.

In an exclusive interview with UOL Esportethe shirt 21 of the red-black carioca explained why the negotiation with alviverde paulista did not go ahead.

“I had a very difficult time, because I wasn’t having a sequence, I hadn’t been playing for a long time. And that ‘no entry’ against Atlético-MG, when I was on the bench in the Supercup, made me very frustrated at the time. At that moment, it crossed my mind that I needed to play. I’m a guy who is always wanting to show my work, because I know I have the ability to get very far”, he said. And he continued:

“So I thought that at the window [de transferências], I would have to see what would be best for me and my career. It crossed my mind that I needed an opportunity (…) [do Flamengo] did not release [a negociação com o Palmeiras]. I have in mind that I will only do something that Flamengo allows. So it went from club to club.”

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Grief over not being cleared for the Olympics

Pedro was on the list of those summoned by André Jardine, coach of the Olympic team, for the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, Flamengo did not want to give up the player for the competition that ended with Brazil with the gold medal. As the Olympics are not a championship regulated by FIFA, the club is under no obligation to release its athlete. Despite this, by staying in Brazil, shirt 21 did not have a sequence of games as a starter for the red-black carioca.

“As I said, I was a little upset at the time, because I wanted to be in the national team. But the board was very clear with me, they always made it clear that they would not release me. What upset me the most was that at the time of the Olympics I played only a starter match, if I’m not mistaken. (…) I tried to convince them that I wanted to go, I wanted to be in the national team, but they didn’t let me go and I respected it. Going to the Olympic Games could have been a very good chance of being called up to the Brazilian national team and having an opportunity, but that’s in the past”, he commented.

Pedro tells secrets of his great phase at Flamengo

In a great phase for Flamengo, Pedro played in 48 matches, scored 20 goals and gave 6 assists in the current season. Its good performance is also a reflection of work done with specialists outside Ninho do Urubu.

“I train daily at Flamengo and I also work at home to improve all the physical work and physiotherapy. I have evolved a lot in GPS data. Today’s football needs that, everyone defending and attacking. So, I tried to evolve in the question physical, which has helped me a lot. I also take as an example David Luiz, Diego Ribas and Filipe Luis, who are experienced guys, who have traveled the world. I do technical and tactical work on the outside. In general, game positioning, speed and ways to unmark myself. These are details that make a difference in the game”, he quoted.

Pedro opens the game about Tite’s praise and the chance to go to the World Cup

Pedro’s good performances put him on the radar of Tite, the Brazilian national team coach, for the World Cup, which takes place in November this year. The coach has already praised the striker and made it clear that he is watching him for a possible call-up. The shirt 21 made it clear that he has hopes of being in the World Cup in Qatar.

“I was very happy with Professor Tite’s words, it’s a dream to wear the national team’s shirt and when he says it gives me even more hope. But I continue to work in the same way, with my feet on the ground and firm. to be in the World Cup is a childhood dream, not only mine, but that of my whole family and I hope to be able to make it come true. My characteristic as a pivot, as a 9, is something that Tite has been talking about a lot and I believe that can help me get to the national team”, he declared.

Success of the duo with Gabigol

The partnership between Gabigol and Pedro has already generated some controversies. Before the arrival of Dorival Júnior in charge of Flamengo, other coaches had already said that there would be no way for the two to play together. However, the new coach put the duo on the field and the results are excellent, with the team alive and strong in three competitions. The striker commented that the good relationship with shirt 9 is not just inside the four lines.

“As Gabriel always says, the problem will be for the opponent. We want to help Flamengo, we want to give our best and the history of playing together depends only on the coach, because we always got along well on and off the field. (. ..) Professor Dorival trusted us and also always asks us to help defensively, because he knows that in the offensive part we can give results. So, what he asks most is for us to focus on helping the group”, completed.

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