Rafael Ramos becomes a defendant in the Justice of RS for the Edenílson case

Rafael Ramos became a defendant in a criminal case in the Justice of Rio Grande do Sul. He is accused of committing racial insult to Edenílson, from Internacional, during the Brasileirão match in May.

The complaint was received yesterday (30) by Judge Marco Aurélio Martins Xavier, of the 14th Criminal Court and Judge of the Fan and Major Events of Porto Alegre. According to the decision, conciliatory avenues were exhausted.

“The fact contained in the accusatory piece was broadcast in images, even captured on national television: although subject to percussive examination, in the evidentiary phase, they allow the conclusion of the substantial occurrence of the fact and of the indications of criminal authorship, attributed in the complaint. Indeed, the accusatory claim is fully viable”, says the judge.

The case is also in the sights of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD). Originally Rafael Ramos would be tried yesterday (30), but the trial ended up being postponed after a request from the Corinthians player’s defense. Despite being the same episode, they are very different processes: this one is restricted to the sports sphere, while the one in the Justice of RS is in the criminal sphere.

In the STJD, the Corinthians side can get from five to ten games of suspension, in addition to a fine of up to R$ 100 thousand, as the complaint by the STJD Attorney’s Office is based on article 243-G of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice. The text in question provides for punishment of this type to those who practice “discriminatory, contemptuous or outrageous acts, related to prejudice on grounds of ethnic origin, race, sex, color, age”, among other conditions.

In the criminal sphere, racial slur is typified as a crime both in article 140 of the Penal Code (Law No. plus fine.

In 2021, the Federal Senate approved a bill that proposes to equate racial injury with the crime of racism and extends the punishment to two to five years of imprisonment, with a fine (PL PL 4373/2020). The proposal went to the Chamber of Deputies, but has not yet been voted on by the Plenary.

Coincidentally, Corinthians and Internacional meet again on the field this Sunday (4), at Neo Química Arena, where they will face off directly for a spot in the G4 of the Brasileirão. The match is for the 25th round.

remember the case

Inter and Corinthians faced each other for the first round of the Brasileirão on May 14, in Beira-Rio. The game was paralyzed for a few minutes after an argument between Rafael Ramos and Edenílson, and in the end the problem became public: the Inter player says he heard the Corinthians player call him a “monkey” during a ball dispute.

Rafael Ramos was caught red-handed at the stadium and released only after bail was paid. A month later, the Porto Alegre Police indicted the player for racial slur and sent the inquiry to the Public Ministry even though the requested report was inconclusive. Yesterday the MP presented the complaint to the Justice.

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