Robert Pattinson on his first impression of Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan is easily one of Kristen Stewart’s best-known roles. Portraying the vampire-obsessed human has made her a household name across the world. But being in Twilight movies was hardly Stewart’s first big break. She had a pretty impressive resume before playing Bella and was known to many independent filmmakers. Perhaps that’s why Robert Pattinson was initially bullied by his co-star.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart | Franco S. Origlia/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson Had To Do Drugs Before His ‘Twilight’ Audition

By the time Pattinson was able to audition for the role of Edward Cullen, Stewart had already been cast as Bella. At the time, Pattinson was suffering from extreme audition anxiety. In fact, his agent, who he was living with at the time, had to convince him to take a valium just to get him to show up at his audition. And even though the drugs calmed him down, he couldn’t completely get rid of his nerves. Pattinson admits that playing opposite Stewart, a more experienced actor, was a little daunting. However, he managed to use these feelings to his advantage.

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