SBT invests in the metaverse to make money and even wants to sell perfume

SBT has entered the metaverse and wants to make money out of it. Silvio Santos’ channel is auctioning NFTs of rare images of the programs, including the presenter himself. The idea, however, goes much further than to make money from sales, but to place oneself in a new universe, which is still in its infancy in Brazil. At least that’s what he defends. Carolina Scheinbergthe channel’s New Business manager, in conversation with the OnScreen.

Since announcing its entry into the metaverse, SBT has been investing. “SBT, as a pioneer in the sale of NFTs and entering the metaverse, sought a new point of contact with its audience and fans. The idea came up with the objective of being closer to the public and, at the same time, allowing they also get closer to the station’s universe, providing new and unique experiences that were previously possible exclusively for visitors to the station’s headquarters, in São Paulo”, remembers Carolina.

“For example, in the metaverse, it is possible to visit the studios of the programs, play with the gold bars, see the collection of curious items that we have in the corridors of the station (such as the shark that was fished by Silvio Santos), anywhere in the world. world. Fans can have access to a collection of 280 NFTs including icons, avatar and photos of their favorite personality”, he guarantees.

In the conversation, the professional talks about the success that the channel already has on social networks: “It is also worth mentioning that SBT has a relevant audience on digital channels, with millions of subscribers on all social networks, and to build this connection relationship with the audience and consumers, is a big key for us”.

SBT with NFTs

SBT invests in the metaverse to make money and even wants to sell perfume

Asked why anyone would buy an image, the manager gives details of how the metaverse works. “The NFT works as a digital certificate established through a security protocol (blockchain), which defines originality and exclusivity to digital assets. They can be applied to any digital item. At SBTVerso we have avatars, photos and exclusive items from the programs available for the public”.

“The NFT provides security to the owner, since the purchased document is registered in his name. The NFT holder can share it with his followers on social networks, use it on other platforms in Metaverso and resell it in a secondary market”, reveals Carolina .

“As we do with the physical collections that we have today, but now in digital where our universe and possibilities are at a global level. While photography is something that you only have possession of if it is a physical document and that you have possession from a identification.”

Carolina Scheinberg

The metaverse of SBT

SBT invests in the metaverse to make money and even wants to sell perfume

The area manager at SBT celebrates the results. “The visitation, to know and share the experiences, was opened recently and we already have a relevant number – more than 20 thousand users. Regarding the auctions, we do not have exact numbers, as they have not yet been finalized”, he says, and reveals new strategies. “The project will have news and the public will be able to have access to the licensed products at first hand, for example the perfume by Poliana Moça and the songs, which will be available for downloads.”

“One of the main goals of SBT this year is to explore the possibilities that Metaverso brings to the production of digital content. This is a market that is still being built and, therefore, many technologies have yet to be launched. the first television station to join this wave, only reinforces our new moment in the digital transformation process, which in the future can contribute to the consolidation of this trend. In SBTverso, the public and fans will have more and more access to exclusive products in the first hand, virtual store, immersive rooms and gold bar challenges, for example”, confides the professional.

About auction profits, she is clear: “The Metaverse brings the possibility of new business models and profits hitherto unheard of.”

“The profit obtained will be managed in two ways: the portion available to SBT will be used to enable projects that fit our audience, with innovations and modernizations; and the other part will be destined to the copyright holders of the images.”

Carolina Scheinberg

How to find SBT in the metaverse?

SBT has launched a website for anyone who wants to enter the metaverse. It’s and it allows a tour of the channel’s programs, in the parallel universe. In addition, those interested can participate in the NFTs auctions, which have rare images and are sold for more than R$3,000. Sales have a deadline and must be closed in the month of September.

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