Sylvinho points out the biggest mistake of his time at Corinthians and says that there were exaggerations in the criticism

Sylvinho analyzed his time at Corinthians. The former Timão player was coach of the alvinegro club between the middle of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The former coach took stock of his trajectory in charge of the Parque São Jorge team and spoke about the criticism he suffered.

“First, I chose a career as a football coach. From the moment you choose this career, I started working with technical commissions in 2011, when Mancini took me to Cruzeiro, a Cruzeiro on the point of being relegated. I arrive at Corinthians in 2021, 10 years later. I have baggage, in addition to everything I’ve been through as a player. But now I’m a coach and I understand that as a coach you are exposed to some stronger criticism. In some moments it wasn’t so much critical, but the voice of the stadium. And we have to be emotionally prepared for all of that. I agree with you, I believe there was an excess (in the criticisms), but more because of my first response”, said Sylvinho in an interview with the podcast. “Rolou the Melon”, gives ESPN.

The coach commanded Corinthians in 43 matches. Sylvinho won 16 games, drew 14 times and was defeated 13 times. Under his command, Timão qualified for this season’s Libertadores.

The former Timão player lived two distinct moments in charge of the alvinegro club. In the Brasileirão that coached Corinthians, the Parque São Jorge team started the tournament with a squad and after the first round, hired several players, such as Willian, Renato Augusto and Róger Guedes. Sylvinho declared that the crowd’s expectations had changed and that there was a lack of communication to contain the euphoria.

“We should get things straightened out first. Right at the end of the 1st round, there was an atmosphere of euphoria, of an expectation that was not the reality of the club. ‘Oh, has it improved? That’s great!’. But how much better? To be champions? To play the best football in Brazil? Not. It wasn’t that and the outside expectation started to be that, with the arrival of important players. So I understand that there was a communication defect to make things clearer”, declared the former Corinthians coach.

The coach was fired from Timão in February this year. Corinthians was defeated by Santos 2-1, at Neo Química Arena, in a confrontation for the first phase of the Paulista Championship. After the game, the crowd protested a lot against the coach. The defeat ended with Sylvinho’s passage through the alvinegro club.

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